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Chinese Words

Here is the translation of some funny, interesting and crazy Chinese Words translation that we had to put it in here. Enjoy!

Ga – Fuck
Lin – Your
Yah – Mother
Wuh – I, me
I – Love
Nee – You
Papa – Father
Ta – He, She
Dore – More
Hie a dore. – More than anything.
Hando – Very much
Da – Big
Me – Doesn’t have
La er – A dick
Jeba – Pussy
Malee – Beautiful
Shaw – Think
Nio meo? – Do you have?
gice – Them
Tonesinglien – Gay
Su – Are
Nuhie – Girl
Cawn – See
Shaw – Want
Nee numoo num? – Will you?
La – Oh!
Er – 2
Gun (Name) choo chee – Go out with
Nee cub cuy? – Can you?
Way – Hello
Nee how ma? – How are you?
Sheen chee ee – Monday
Sing she ooh(Wansa) – Friday (Night)
Jeenwhy – Tonite
See – Yes
Boo – No
Nee she wah say? – Who do you like?
Say? – Who?
Chingtien – Today
Chingtien nee how ma? – How are you today?
Jeenee – Spurm
Eenway – Because
Tso – Ugly
Nee hun tso. – You are very ugly.
Nee she whine wu ma? – Do you like me?
Wa sa ma? – Why?
Nahnhie – Boy
Nee su hun malee Nuhie. – You are very beautiful girl.
Wa she wa ni tsie tsa. – I wish you were here.
Bejuay. – Shut up.
Lien – Face
Wa shu chee nee. – I miss you.
Tsa tsi su bu? – What is this?
Wa jawngway. – I will.
Nee yo eegu hun tsa da lawer. – You got a very, dirty, big, dick.
Ni she needa jeba. – You are a big pussy.
Ga ne ma jeba. – Fuch your mothers pussy.
Chu ga lousi. – Go fuck the teacher.
Ni si si jay san juay zo der lern – You are the ugliest dick in the world.

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