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Climbing Tutorial

Background on climbing techniques:

May rumors have been said that ninja’s can fly or they can climb flat, vertical walls, with no sweat…bullshit…i, personally have a hell of a work out when i climb walls, some times i stay stuck to a wall for over an hour just to get some rest. The ancient ninja’s used a very well con- structed tool called the tekagi (hand claws), and the ashiko (literally translated, foot claws, like on cats.). The ones you see in those mail order shits, are very fragile and weak…i have tested over twenty different ones, they all broke after the second or the third climb. But i’ll tell you one thing, they are hella good for fighting…as a matter of fact, i know this guy, one of my brothers of the clan, killed an assaultant with it. The assultant had a gun and he just slashed his hand apart, he bled to death. Anyways…enuff of this boring stuff.

I won’t tell you how to make a well, constructed tekagi or ashiko, since i myself still cannot make it perfectly…which kinda means something. The rules of weapons in the ninjutsu system is that, if you cannot build it you cannot use it. As my master says.

Climbing a wall that is flat and vertical

Ha! Ha! You say…impossible to the core…you say… Well…if you are well trained, you can climb a flat wall as high as 20 feet. One of my brothers of the clan can do it. I can only get up about 15 feet. All it takes is practice, which i really don’t do anymore.

To be physically fit for this, you shoud do the following exercises.


Don’t try anything that may harm your health or your life. Don’t over-exercise yourself…I’ll guarantee you’ll get board of it.

  • Jump as high as you can repeatedly ( start at 10 times a day) ( work up to 50 times….)
  • Stretch your legs afterwards
    • Do front splits on your right ( you don’t have to go all )
    • Do front splits on your left( the way down on the splits )
    • Do side splits( it’ll go down eventually.. )
Okay after your exercise, drill the following 10 times…no more than 10… You’ll find out why…
  • Look for a wall about 5 feet above your own height. Make sure it is a sturdy wall…
  • Run as fast as you can to the wall and start climbing. As you climb, put your body as close to the wall as possible.
  • At your first attempt at this, you should be able to step two times on the wall and slip and drop to the ground.
  • Just tuck your body as soon as you make your first step on the wall. Then your other steps will become natural.
  • You will know when you are losing the grip on the wall, that is when you reach for the top.
  • As you reach for the top, push up off the wall.
  • You should be able to grab the top.
  • If you get to this point of hanging at the edge of the top of the wall, then consider yourself already up.
  • Now all you have to do is use the elbow lock system to climb up to the top, or you can kip up.
  • (Kipping up ) as you hang, pull your legs up as high as possible. Remember to keep your legs as straight as possible. When you get your body to bend about a 90 degree bend or less, then push off the wall with your legs and as soon as your feet come off of the wall, pull up with your arms.

To be physically fit for this, you shoud do the following exercises.

Warning: Don’t try anything that may harm your health or your life. Don’t over-exercise yourself…i’ll guarantee you’ll get board of it. All this sounds so damn easy to anyone…but it isn’t…i am sorry that this is not a technique that everyone can learn in a matter of months. It took me 5 years to get 15 feet. 5 fucking years!!!

So don’t get discouraged…if you get twice your height, you should be proud. Work hard on it…if you can work on some weights on the bi-ceps and tri-ceps. Don’t over build your body though. Also try to develop elbow and wrist power.

Push yourself if got the gutts…you may end up doing things you only dreamt about.

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