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Deproofing Lighter

This is a real quickie: How to de-childproof lighters.

Almost all lighters available now in the country (or at least my state), are “child-proof”, which is pretty stupid, cause the childproofing is a seperate little thing you have to depress or slide around beforre striking, and little kids are so good with their hands, I doubt the new system makes it that hard for kids to light them.

Anyway, I smoke cigars, and I know quite a few people that smoke cigs and the like, and the best way to de-proof these new lighters is to grab the little thing you have to pull or push or move with some needle-nose pliers, and give it a good yank. Yup, just break it off. That’ll do it. Now it’s just like an “old” lighter.

Note: This is only good for BIC lighters, I haven’t figured out any other lighters.

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