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Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing and fire arts has always been a topic of wonder and amusement for everyone. Fire breathing is one of the most dangerous stunts from the fire arts. Historically, the fire arts has its origins in India.

There are two basic methods to fire breathing I will go over both of them.

Well, with this method we Hold the lighter up to your mouth and let the gas flow into your mouth. Do not inhale it! After your mouth is full, keep it closed until the lighter is lit in front of your mouth about an inch away, blow the gas out gradually to make a nice stream. All you will fell is a little heat.

Number two, take some binaca and spray it once into your mouth kepping your mouth open but lips close together. This will keep the flammable liquid drifting in your mouth and not settling on your toungue. Then light the lighter about an inch in front of your mouth and blow slowly.

Then fwwoooshsh a fire ball..no harm done. If you spray three sprays in your mouth you might feel a little more heat…..

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