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How to Cheat on Scantron Tests

This method is FOOL PROOF. I have used it many times and it has worked wonders for me. I have gotten past 3 achievement tests, the SAT, and 3 AP tests with this wonderful godsend. So now you are wondering How to Cheat on Scantron Tests? Well, the first thing to do is to hide a piece of tracing paper in your calculator. Most standardized tests allow calculators and this shouldn’t prove a problem. Then when you grid your REGISTRATION # in, put the tracing paper between your pencil and the paper and shade it in DARKLY. This way, the graphite of the pencil will be filtered and the OGR (Optical Graphite Recongnition) will be somewhat faulty.

Next, the machines that score your tests aren’t that highly sophisticated. ETS wants you to think that but it really isn’t the truth. ETS are a highly corrupt institution. A court case took place a few years ago in which ETS accepted a bribe from a very rich man who will rename nameless. ETS allegedly configured their scoring machines to not count errors towards the final score. This can be easily done because only ONE QUARTER of the incorrect responses are substracted from the number correct. The officials can easily make this to 1/0, and in layman’s terms, Fry the system.

So where do you come in? Well you can fool the system into thinking it is taking off 1/0 per question answered incorrectly. In order to do this you must shade in your answers DARKLY on the left. That is because the scanner reads from Left to Right and the OptaVisor (the company who ETS employs) sensor will simply go out of comission upon this task.

Then on the left hand side make smear marks of the pencil by shaving off the graphite in a fine powder and smearing it across the left size. This will control the actual computer which tabulates your score.

The final thing to do is where it says “For ETS only shade in the SECOND circle. This will override the scoring procedure used by the machine and you will be given a perfect score.

This method may have a few bugs in it and you can send me responses, critiques, suggestions, etc..

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