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How to Have Fun on a Waterbed

[1] Preliminary Steps:

(a) Purchase the following objects:

Waterbed p edestal Waterbed matress (Preferrably a good quality brand) Water (Availible from your local faucet) Stain (Optional) Waterbed fill kit Garden hose

(b) Stain waterbed pedestal, consult your local harware store.

(c) Set up waterbed pedestal, refer to manual on how to accomplish this task.

(d) Insert empty waterbed matress

(e) Attach fill kit to hose.

(f) Attach hose to faucet

(g) Fill waterbed 9/10 of the way full (for best wave action, fill only 4/5 full)

[2] Bubble Wars

(Warning: The men with white coats and butterfly nets have determined this maybe hazardous to your mental health)

Required: Yourself, a friend, a waterbed, referee, three judges.

Object: To get the most bubbles onto your opponent’s side.

First, have your friend get at the head of the waterbed, and you place yourself at the foot. Draw a line across the middle of the waterbed, (preferrably with a magic marker) then, center all the bubbles around the center line.

Have a non-player fire the starting gun. Please be cautioned that this may be dangerous indoors. Then, the war shall begin. Start using your hands and weight to force the bubbles on to your opponent’s side. General play is broke up into two rounds, lasting three minutes a piece. At the end of eah round, the judges have two minutes to determine the score.

Example of scoring: You – 13 Friend – 8

If the opponent succeeds in getting all the bubbles on to your side, the Game is immediatly over. If this has not happend by the end of the second round, the scores are totalled by the judges, and the winner shall be determined. (Note: in case of a draw, an overtime round shall be played)

[3] Body surfing

Required: Wave machine (A relative or close friend),waterbed

Object: to see how long you will last without being bucked off the bed(record 3:42)

First you and your friend start making waves. When the waves are at the highest point one f you lays down. Notice this is similar to the formarly popular breaking move known as the dolphin. Then you or your friend keeps the waves going till one falls off the bed.

The point systems is like ths 30 sec.=10 points, 60 sec.=20 points, 90 sec.=30 points, 120 sec.=40 points, 150 sec.=50 points, 200 sec. or more=100 per 30 seconds!! If this game sounds easy, you’re wrong.


The authors do not accept any responsiblity for damage to life, limb, brain, or property.


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