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problems with my NV goggles

-- Posted by Hergor on 11:18 am on Feb. 18, 2002 does anyone know what exactly happens when an over-ammount of light enters the image intensifier tube of NV devices? a friend of mine (that darn bastard, grrrr) aimed my NV goggles at a car's top searchlights and now i got a little 'star' in the upper right corner... it also flashes from time to time originating from that small mark. do you know a way to undo ...

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track coverer

-- Posted by con man on 12:26 pm on Mar. 2, 2002 does anyone know where to download one of those things that can hide all your files and cover the history on the internet and does any one know where to get it free -- Posted by Navy Soldier on 12:30 pm on Mar. 2, 2002 well I am not quite sure what you mean but # 1 I know how to delete inter net history but you gotta tell me if you use netscape communicator i ...

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Stoping being Tapped

-- Posted by ace compton on 8:24 am on Mar. 21, 2002 How can i tell if i am being tapped and watched, i think the police are watching my house, how can i find out? Thanks (Edited by ace compton at 8:25 am on Mar. 21, 2002) -- Posted by Zambosan on 10:11 am on Mar. 21, 2002 Not very easily.  Wiretapping isn't done by attaching a handset to the pole outside the house like it was in the 60's. :)  Conversatio ...

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-- Posted by shoota on 10:00 am on April 9, 2002 don't ask this question on a hacker forum. they will flame you. since i think that everyone should learn a little about the wonderful world of hacking i'm gonna be really nice to ya. here are some facts you need to know a little about if you're gonna understand the stuff i will tell ya. first of all. legion is a program that scans for IP's that shares files. ...

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