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Beginner hacker

— Posted by Gaz on 4:43 am on April 9, 2002

Ive got this program called Legion which, from what I have read is supposed to let me access pther peoples hard drives. The problem is, I need to do something with IP’s and I dont know what the fuck it means. Do I need IP’s to get into other peoples computer? If any1 know how to use Legion please let me know.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 8:42 am on April 9, 2002

I heard of it, but haven’t used it.  I think its way to hard for a beginner like yourself.

Get yourself a copy of a program called Netbus 1.7, not Netbus Pro, get the 1.7 version.  Read all documentation.

To get into someones comp, all you need to do is run the file called Server.exe in his comp, and you need to know his IP address.  You can figure out a comps IP address by going to Start menu, Run, then type “winipcfg”.  So if you wanna hack a friend, the easiest way is to copy Server.exe on a floppy and run it on his comp when hes not looking, then write down his IP.

Then go home to your comp, fire up Netbus, type in his IP and congrats, you have full access to his comp.

Is this what you’re looking for?

— Posted by Gaz on 9:30 am on April 9, 2002

I’m looking into this netbus thing.  Thanx for your help.  Is it possible to get somebodys IP with out having to go to their home and run that program you mentioned?  I could really do with being able to find out IPs without going to that persons comp.

— Posted by Gaz on 10:20 am on April 9, 2002

Ive now got netbus but am not sure how to delete the persons files (am I a dumbass or what).  I go into file manager and go to view files and it seems like it freezes whaen it says collecting…..
Am I doing something wrong or do i just nedd to wait ages or sumthing?

— Posted by shoota on 10:21 am on April 9, 2002

goto the thread hacking that i wrote. it was a reply for you. but i’m so dumb so i accidentaly pressed new topic. so read it then you know how to do it.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 10:52 am on April 9, 2002

Its not frozen….. just takes quite awhile to download the information.

There is another way and that is to fool the victim into giving you their IP.  Obviously that is easier said than done at times……  so you’ll need to figure it out yourself.

— Posted by qmakowski on 7:00 pm on April 9, 2002

advice from the person who knows a little bout everthing.
1: if you dont know what an IP is dont hack
2: if you cant program or dont know anything bout that dont hack.
3: stick to smashing mailboxes on the weekend 🙂

— Posted by myachi on 1:50 am on April 10, 2002

Everybody needs to learn somewhere. Just think qmakowski you were once like gaz. Just quit being such an asshole to newbies just because you know what an ip is. Lets see you actully do something with that though.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 9:55 pm on April 10, 2002

Yeah, there are many websites and references to learn about hacking on a beginner’s level.  We may just be talking to the next generation version of Kevin Mitchell >:)

— Posted by Lowman on 11:23 pm on April 10, 2002

IcedMetal we may be talking to the next Kevin Mitchell. A person who has now idea about compurters.

I think you meant to say Kevin Mitnick.

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