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Crystal Meth

— Posted by knightmedia on 2:26 am on Mar. 26, 2002

Can anyone provide a good recipe for making crystal meth? Or crank? Crank-washing techniques to produce crystal also appreciated (anything more involved than cooking with acetone or soaking in denatured alcohol, please). I used to have all this, but never used it so I lost it.


— Posted by Dr TrIpPeR on 9:29 am on Mar. 26, 2002

Goto other topics and you will find some good recipes just look around.

Dr TrIpPeR

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:24 am on Mar. 26, 2002

Dr Tripper:
You just started a X thread. There is a X thread ALREADY out there and was on this page! Now cut it out!

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