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DEA lies!

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 11:35 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

If you visit the DEA site you will find that they have Salvia Divinorum under drugs and chemicals of concern. In the Chemistry section of their article they try to link Salvinorin A (the Psychoactive compound in Salvia Divinorum) to THC, that they are Thujone Derivatives and bunch of other shit which is complete and total bullshit. They want to make one of my favorite drugs illegal with made up and misleading lies? No! Never! We can’t let them pull anymore of this bullshit lke they did with weed! And why, So they can get us “criminals” off the streets, so they can throw those peaceful people who appreciate Ethnobotany and the drug culture? This brings tears of anger to my eyes as we helplessly watch them control us more and more and try to trick the common people by using Chemistry terms. This goes far beyond Salvia Divinorum this is our rights god damn it! And I am not going to let them talk to me like a stupid child and play me like a fool and put a fucking number on my head! And it amazes me that they could of got away with this and lie to the people who voted them in to their offices and break their vows to this country and what it stands for, what did our fathers fight for? What do we fight for?! I don’t know about you but I will not stand for this. Something needs to be done about this and needs to be done soon. Post your replies in this discussion and do all you can to fight back we can’t let this happen, and by saying let this happen I mean they want to make it illegal. For more information go here http://www.erowid.org/ask/ask.cgi?ID=2936 Tell everyone about this before its to late and it just becomes another case of people using junk science for proof. This is real people

— Posted by finatren on 12:43 am on April 1, 2002

fuckin bastards


— Posted by domeshot on 1:34 am on April 1, 2002

Fuck the government where nothing but there god damn puppets and im tierd of it to. Lie after lie almost every god damn thing they say is lies all that shit they said about weed back in the days science has proved all of it wong now there trying it with salvia fuck that im with activepsyco it’s time we fight !!! I declare war on the untied states government. Are they realy that fucking dumb there passing up a trillion dollar a year industry with pot  they could lower the fuck outa taxes and quit taking so much of are paycheck every week if they would legalize pot but hell no they wont cause we cant stop them they do what ever the fuck they want and im damn tierd of it we gotta do somthing and now is the time. Everyone go to hotmail and make false accounts then send  emails every day to your senator telling the dumb fuck why pot should be leagal and how pissed you are that they continue to lie and how they refuse to accept what science says and you will no longer vote for them if somthing is not done. Then everone check out this site http://www.natlnorml.org/
we need to find out what we can do to help them with the fight to  legalize pot there the best foundation i’ve every hurd of

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 12:10 pm on April 1, 2002

One other thing i’d like to add; I find it funny when I do E-mail my Senators all they do is have an automatic E-mail response! Isn’t their job to listen to their people? They don’t even fuckin care what we have to say! They won’t even listen to me, How the hell am I Supposed to even try to talk to them and get the DEA in deep shit for lieing like that! Thank god for this site so I can at least spread the word and hopefully it coul make it to the Media, then they would be fucked!

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:40 pm on April 1, 2002

kniving bastards!!!
Tho cockeating suns of whores!
How can they make up these misleading bullshit and then the public buys it!!
Oh my god I am shittin a brick!
Fuckin fags. Wanna ass-rape every1 with thier lies.

— Posted by domeshot on 1:09 pm on April 1, 2002

Hey That Link I posted has links to email every senator and all the bigg news pappers I went crazy last night and sent out about 50 emails and will countinue to do so untill they have no choice but to listen the god damn  cock sucking ass fucking scheming bastards. The only reson they get by with the shit is cause of there money money makes the fucking world go round. I wonder if we could bring charges aginst all of them for deception or somthing along those lines. If lieing to the whole country isnt a crime then it fucking needs to be

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 2:25 pm on April 1, 2002

Fuck Ya good job! i’ve sent tons of E-mails too and more people need to start reading this post! Why the fuck arn’t they? Ya that would be Ectasy if somone were to start a law suit against them.  

— Posted by domeshot on 1:29 am on April 2, 2002

Ya this is a killer post roland can you do somthing to make it stand out cause everyone that comes to this site needs to read this one

— Posted by domeshot on 2:23 am on April 2, 2002

Heres the letter I have been emailing all over if you copy it and send it out it’s verry informitive  (hold down left mouse button then drag ur mouse str8 down the left handed column to higlight the whole thing blue right click then left click on copy then just right click on a blank email and left click paste) not calling anyone stupid just for anyone out there that didnt know how to copy that we need as many emails sent out as possible.The ONDCP has spent billions of tax dollars over the years propagating their viewpoint in the mass media, but the recent Super Bowl advertisements linking foreign terrorism and domestic drug use was the last straw. These ads cost $3.2 million of taxpayers money, in order to convey a politically contested message. This is a tremendous waste of tax dollars, and an affront to the free exchange of ideas.

Using tax money to promote unfounded government anti-drug propaganda is both unconscionable and unconstitutional.

  Drug Free America by 2002?
A remarkably silly, totally unrealistic goal  “a drug-free America by 2002” was announced by the Republicans in the US House of Representatives with great fanfare at a Capitol Hill press conference on April 30, 1998. Signing a “Declaration of Commitment,” Republicans House members pledged, with a straight face, to achieve this impossible goal.

As we approach 2002, according to the latest government surveys, 14 million Americans are current illicit drug users, of which 11 million are simply marijuana smokers. Clearly the Republicans in Congress have failed miserably to reach their announced goal.

The point of raising this matter is to underscore the exaggerated rhetoric that pervades and distorts our drug policy debate in this country. Politicians promise unrealistic and unattainable goals, with the expectation they will never be held accountable by the voting public. This is pandering at its worst.

Of course we are not a drug-free society; there are none on the planet. Our goal should be to discourage harmful and abusive drug use, while adopting policies that minimize the harm from marijuana use and marijuana prohibition. And the first step toward that goal must be ending the arrest of responsible marijuana smokers. There were 734,000 marijuana arrests last year in this country and 88% were for possession only. Can we realy afford to fight two wars at once. There is no way the war on drugs can ever be won. Why continue to through away millions of dollars each year to lose an unwinable war. Not to mention all the money the government could make each year on the taxes from marijuana. What about all the money it would save having 734,000 less people go through the court systems. Also the problem of jails being over crowded that problem would be drasticly reduced. So why is the government throwing away billions of dollars each year in lost taxes and billions more on fighting marijuana and housing those who are convicted of using it.

— Posted by konfuzed54 on 2:10 pm on April 2, 2002

The whole ad thing that said something like “Everytime you buy drugs you are helping terrorists” Pissed me off so bad. I have so many friends who live day to day off of selling drugs, they make their living fairly, they dont hurt anyone. If you look at this country it is supposed to have a “free enterprise” economy. In other words we are able to start a buissness, sell our goods, and make our profit without much influence from the government. If you look at this you will realize everything in this “free enterprise” system is taxed by the gov’t. They make their cash off of us making our cash. Selling drugs is the only REAL free enterprise left in america. That brings me to this point. Why do you think cannabis is illegal? How could the US tax it if it was legal? They tax the hell out of tobbacco, but it would be real fucking hard to grow some tobbacco in your back yard. But with weed, if it were legal, people could just grow the hell out of it, sell it, and not give a dime to the gov’t. Thats why its not legal. Legalization would not be a profitable move for the US. So the DEA, the police, and the entire fucking gov’t can suck my dick for all I care. “Free Country my ass! All of you people reading this who live in other countries with drug laws that aren’t as drakonian as the US’s….Enjoy it!  

— Posted by qube on 6:26 pm on April 2, 2002

Fucking hell, konfuzed54, you just explained everything so fucking clear why it aint legal……jesus…..
Its so true what you sed

Why do you think cannabis is illegal? How could the US tax it if it was legal? They tax the hell out of tobbacco, but it would be real fucking hard to grow some tobbacco in your back yard. But with weed, if it were legal, people could just grow the hell out of it, sell it, and not give a dime to the gov’t. Thats why its not legal. Legalization would not be a profitable move for the US

Nice one dude, everything you said, (your words or not) is so true, i now understand…..
PS I aint being sarcky im fucking impressed to say the least…

— Posted by domeshot on 8:21 pm on April 3, 2002

Well if and when it becomes legal it will be verry heavily regulated by the government true you could just grow it in your crib but that would still be iilegal so would dealing. you would have to by it off the government to legaly buy it and they would tax the hell out of it. bigger tabacco companys have already researched how they could package and distribute it you know that the government wants there peace they always get theres but thats how it will go down it if it ever does

— Posted by yomammasuxabig1 on 8:46 pm on April 4, 2002

hey, abc just did a report on salvia and quoted what the dea said, that its related to absinthe and THC.  This pisses me off. here the link http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/divinorum020401.html

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