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— Posted by LSD for me on 5:18 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

Can anyone tell me if they have actually tripped off of dramamine cause I took it and it only made me sick and dizzy n feel like I weighed 10000 pounds. So all in all it just plained sucked. But I have heard all these story that you get nice visuals and auditory. So can anyone tell me one REAL experience that was good.

— Posted by Ronith on 9:25 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I have done Dimehydrinate maybe 10 times. Each time has been not so enjoyable, but considering im a fuckn’ addict i don’t really care. Anyways the deal with dramamine is that it is just stupid. I figured this out the hard way after i downed 20 pills. Anyways after about a half an hour, i started  completely zoning out, and started to feel REAL tired. I mean trying to keep my eyes awake seemed basically impossible. So next thing i know it, i had excused myself (i like to keep on the good side of my parents) and had turned on the radio in my room, and was laying on my bed, trying to force myself to stay awake, and to try and enjoy this experience. Anyways after about an hour of the ingestion of the dramamine, was pretty much knocked out. I could feel the inpending trip starting to take affect on me. I started to see bettels and spiders crawl out from dark places. My radio seemed to be in my head, and i was starting to get a little creeped out. Anyways if you cant tell, dramamine isn’t a very enjoyable or relaxing drug. I had problems breathing… it was as if whenever i breathed i just couldn’t get enough oxygen. Anyways my heart was palpatating a little, and i basically passed out and woke up again every two to three hours for the rest of the night. I took that dose around 5 days ago, and i can still feel the effects of it. For example, everyday since then i have i felt the full effects for like 5-10 mins… it’s starting to go away, but i plan on never taking that shit again. TRUST me it’s not that fun… if you do take it however, i suggest that you take it in interval to delay the knock-out effect of the pills. drink lots of coffee, and if you like scaring the fuck out of yourself keep dowing like 3-4 pills every half an hour. Don’t go over 20. Peace-

— Posted by Zombalaya on 7:02 am on Mar. 28, 2002

I have also tried dramamine about ten times, and I agree…it sucks.  
If you take a whole chapstick-sized tube, these are the effects you may expect (at least it’s what happened to me):
1) First you start to get a heavy feeling, and it only gets heavier.  You have to start walking around to fight it off, and then it feels like you have grav boots on.  It gets worse.
2) You begin to feel really sleepy.  Well, not sleepy really, but it will be all you can do to not go and lie down.  It is a totally nasty feeling; I will never do dramamine again.  I had to go lie down because I knew that if I didn’t that I would just fall down wherever/blackout and probably bash my skull on some sharp corner like a dresser or the wall-mounted thermostat.
3) There are sometimes hallucinations, but it is more from being tired than anything else.  I only had one hallucination, and it was weak.
4) There are auditory hallucinations.  I was sitting at my comp and it sounded like R2D2 was in a windy alley, hooting, chirping and whirring at me. Kinda sounded like that metallic owl-bird in Clash of the Titans too.  Then when I was crashing off to sleep I had crystal-clear auditory hallucinations where it sounded like someone was in the kitchen and taking all of the dishes out of the cabinet and smashing them on the floor.
5) The next day you will feel like hell.  I had red lines all over my body – looked like blood poisoning or something. Very noticeable too to anyone.

Soooo…I don’t recommend it to anyone, seriously.  It sucks.

— Posted by splitfire669 on 2:08 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

I hav only done it twice but both times i had a wonderful time the first time i took 12 and was just chilling out in my car when i heard a radio station loud and clear from las vegas 107.5 xtreme radio i havnt heard this station for like 2 years and it was all the the same djs and everything very cool and i know it wasnt the radio in the car because my roomate took my keys any how the second time i took 24 and it was the best trip i have ever had at the time everythink was breathing just like being on acid i did it with a friend and this made it way better we were sitting at the computer and all of the sudden i was driving my car and it started raining like it hadnt rained in 10 years so i went to turn my wipers on and the steering wheel dissapeared i looked over at my friend and told her that we were going to crash if she didnt give me the wheel back and she was like what the fuck are you talking about i have had only good experiances with this drug and i will be doing it again but you have to keep in mind that i love to see things because all hallucinagents are gateways to whats in our heads and i love it drammamine is a very potent drug and you can not tell the difference between real and fake for a moment when you start to hallucinate and that in my mind is the coolest fucking thin in the world

— Posted by vexhin on 12:14 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

I have done dramamine on several occasions. On most of these occasions i have taken 24 besides my first time the trips usually consist of alot of rambling and sum pretty kewl visuals
nausea is a factor to sum degree.Visuals involved electric like rings that twitched and spread out quickly i would think that sum 1 would walk into a room when they werent evn at my house. (You can grab for a lighter that isnt realy there)
I have found that high doses of dramamine drasticallly has a play on your mind and the way u think.If u take 24 i would strongly suggest being around atleast one person who is not on it.

— Posted by SmoknToke on 12:09 am on April 9, 2002

dramamine is actually, a lot of fun(at least for me) i was at my freiends house and i took like 19 and i kept seeing flshing lights and my depth perception got fucked up. it was hard to walk, but i did think that some one was kinda in my friends closetr cause i could have sworn there was shadowes of people all around and black shit swirling around on the ground

— Posted by Phreak911 on 5:44 am on April 9, 2002

Ya I did it too, took 20.

At first I wasnt really feeling anything, and I didnt feel heavy but when I went to stand up it seemed like I weighed a million pounds, and I would CONSTANTLY zone out, it was like i would think about something and it would go DEEPER AND DEEPER into it until i just flashed out and noticed I was trippin, nausia… hmm…. EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU TAKE THESE TRUST ME IT HELPS, the first time i puked cuz i didnt eat anything and that was just a fuckkkkeddd upp trip, the second time i did it with 2 friends and ate a little bit before and felt fine. I started to zone out while i was takin a shit too lol.  Also, DONT LAY DOWN when ure trippin, its like u just trip to sleep and its gay, I suggest just sitting on a couch or on a chair.  I also had a very easy time staying awake, it’s like i could control it, i could either sleep or not sleep simple as that.

I would also find myself just flash back out of a zone-out and would be saying something very weird.

Hmm another note on the nausea, another thing that triggers it is the tripping, you are so waked in the head that it just starts to make you get sick, kinda like if u were on a tire-swing spinning around for too long~

All I have to say is that its a 1-3 time thing nothing else.

Ive never done shrooms or acid so i cannot compare.

— Posted by morgonas on 11:37 pm on April 10, 2002

man yall must be ballin 4 billions i mean yall spend a lot of money on dramamine but why when benadryl is twice as stronger and 10 times cheaper. just check it out for yourself plus there migh not be any drowsiness to it

— Posted by Ronith on 12:26 am on April 11, 2002

I agree Benadryl is far superiour to dramamine as far as otc drugs go. I remember taking 15 of those fuckers and smoking some bowls along with it. Wow, after a couple hours I was talking to people who were’nt there, seeing them as if they really were there. I mean I could not tell the difference between what was real and what wasn’t. It was pretty intense.

— Posted by SplitP on 12:38 am on April 11, 2002

when u do dramamine, you need to make sure you eat before you take them. If you dont, you’ll feel sick the whole time you’re trippin and you might even throw up. I have taken 20 at one time, and i saw the invisible version of “The predator” crawling on my wall for hours, it was really scary

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