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— Posted by scott4251 on 10:19 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

I jus got out of the hospital today because of a dramamine overdose. I jus want to let the people who know about or have taken this drug that it can be very dangerous. It was jus a regular night, me and my friends jus got done smokin a few bowls, so i decided to take the dramamine i had. I took 2 bottles of it, which is 24 pills and didnt feel any different after it. About an hr after i took the drug we were playin hackey sac and, everything after this i dont remember, my friends told me i stopped playing and turned around and jus started shaking and fell uncontioustly onto the floor and continued convulsing for 2-3 min. One of my friends then called 911, while the other friend was keeping, what he called white foam, out of my mouth so i could breath. the ambulance showed up and i recovered from it for a couple days in the hospital, some memory loss, but otherwise im perfectly fine now. but, this was not the greatest experience and i jus wanted to let everyone know how dangerous dramamine could be, i had no idea before this happened to me. So be careful what pills u choose to eat and how many you do end up eating.

Be Smart,


— Posted by splitfire669 on 10:51 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

was it your first time on drammamine?i have done it a few times and the last time i ate 24 and  got an acid like experience mabie i wont do this drug anymore thats pretty scary shit man glad to hear your ok.how mutch do you weigh?did you eat at all before you took it?

— Posted by scott4251 on 11:22 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

No it wasnt my first time, Iv ate like 12 any other time i did it tho. I weigh like 150 and yea i ate before i took them but it was a while before i took em.


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