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Dutch Weed!

— Posted by diene on 10:30 am on April 8, 2002

i come from holland and I want to say that dutch weed is the best there is.
if you come here with holliday you must smoke a joint in a coffeshop and you are so stoned!!!!!!!!
it’s 10 times better than that shit in the USA.
you have tou try it!!!

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 11:39 am on April 8, 2002

It is good, I can’t deny, but if you look around a bit you can find cannabis of the same quality here; the only reason Dutch cannabis is so good is because it’s so much easier to produce it and sell it legally; because of this control you don’t get any dregs.
I had the best orange bud in Holland though I have to admit but it’s not SO good that it stands head and shoulder above the rest, just a bit better than most.


— Posted by Rebo on 2:51 pm on April 8, 2002

I think I would have to agree about the amsterbuds. The growers have really taken the science of marijuana genetics to a new level. I do agree with you MM, there are strains throughout the world which are superb, but it really seems like dutch growers are never satisfied with thier procuct. The strive to improve on their current strains does make for some fine smoke. You might not find as much as far as variety-but Vancouver BC is a great smoking town to visit, and a whole lot cheaper to get to (for those of us in the states anyway)

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