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help on super drugs

— Posted by morgonas on 3:59 am on Jan. 14, 2002

ok i decided that i want to make this super drug that i can sell at my local techno-rave underground drug club. now i will not disclose that location due the growing number of narcs on this forum so im asking for help from my “true” friends.

anyway i want to know how i can take 12 dramamine pills (enough to get you messed up) and somehow merge them together or something to where only one will generate the effects of 12 pills. plus i want to add other otc drugs to this such as ephedrine,kava kava, opium seeds, nutmeg,vicks44 cough, coricidin, baby woodrose seeds, and a little shroom juice all packaged into 1 where i can then sell these little boogers for money and consume myself for the ultimate “small pleasant feeling”  any help, ideas info, criticism or what not post it here, email me(of course put bombshock in the subject line so i will know what it is), contact me on aol-aim, yahoo, or im me here, whatever i will honor anyone who can help me.

— Posted by morgonas on 4:03 am on Jan. 14, 2002

also anyone have ideas on how to get the so-called “poison” washed from the seeds that i buy at the store.

— Posted by yomammasuxabig1 on 5:39 pm on Jan. 16, 2002

buy from shamanshop.net, they sell non-poisoned seeds

— Posted by largeidaccam on 11:35 pm on Jan. 22, 2002

to make something stronger dont you usually chuck it in some water an boil it down ??? just an idea

— Posted by wlwrk4fd on 9:01 am on Feb. 23, 2002

You can easily make a superdrug like the one you mentioned above by simply placing all the ingredients into the top portion of your refrigerator, often referred to as the “freezer” and let it set in there for 5 and a half days, that’s 132 hours. Please be sure to stare at the clock continuously the whole time so that you can know exactly how many hours have passed. You MUST take the finished product out of the freezer in EXACTLY 132 hours, so time it just right. Be sure to quickly open the freezer and take it all out by this time. You will be surprised to find that your drugs have crystalized into rocks (called “gems” or “jewels” at raves) in different shades of blue formed in perfect patterns, all the exact same shape. There will be 1,032 gems.  They are perfect for marketing and can go for 70-100 dollars a piece easily at carnivals, circus’s, raves, company picnics, school playgrounds, church gatherings, and even family reunions. This stuff is legal and socially accepted in every country in the world, except on the moon, and best of all, it’s completely safe! You can never overdose, you can never underdose. This misinformation was not unmisquoted from a book not titled “SuperDrugs:Cheap and Easy” and whose auther is G.J.George Eysnick, Albert Hoffman’s half-step-third-and-a-half-cousin. So I trust it. Oh and also I tried it, too. It works, trust me.  I know it works, my friend said it works because he knew a friend of a friend who said his fried tried it and it works.  That dude is rich now.  Wouldn’t YOU like to be RICH?

— Posted by Switchy on 11:21 am on Feb. 23, 2002

what a waste!  It would be so much easier and wasting so much less energy if you just sold Candyflips (x+acid).  They say it’s as close to the perfect drug you can find.

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 11:14 pm on Feb. 23, 2002

LOL what the fuck is it with you wlwrk4fd and your freezer!! not every drug can be magically made/fused together in the freezer you dolt!! Your really asking for a banning!!
And of course it’s not legal you fucking wanker!! you think that freezing some illegal drugs will sudenlly make them legal! and of course you can fucking OD on them!! You fuck up one more time and your banned!!

(Edited by The Great Milenko at 9:17 am on Feb. 24, 2002)

— Posted by NDStAmour on 7:37 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

Milenko, your the fucken man!
I’ve read some of your responses given to some of the more ignorant posts and they never cease to make me laugh.
Keep it up!

— Posted by Cypher on 1:00 am on Mar. 2, 2002

local techno-rave underground drug club


haha yay milenko let me suck your dick to 😉

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 2:01 am on Mar. 2, 2002

milenko i think u toast too many ppl., have u tried any of these different recipes u so easily write off???cuz the thought is there from wlwrk4fd and largeiedcam..but wlwrk4fd is not quite on the right track woth the fact that u just  put them in the freezer,and who was to say that anythign was illegal…the drugs he qouted were all legal to my knowledge….

— Posted by Spectre on 11:05 am on Mar. 2, 2002

Funny how that “freezer drug” was rated by the friend of a freind of a friend.  That particular method is pure BS!!!
All you’ll get from that crap is a mean headache and stomach cramps!
If you want a relatively inexpensive, 3 to 4 hour lasting pseudo-opium like high, get about 5lbs of poppy seeds from a bakery supply house.
Soak them in about a gallon of distilled water overnight, then boil down the mix  until there’s about a quart of liquid left.
Strain the seeds and then drink the mix.
WARNING:  It tastes VERY bitter but goes down a little easier with some squeezed lemon juice and no sugar.
Sure it might make you gag, but you’ll trip a few hours and won’t have a hangover.

— Posted by dedehouston on 10:55 pm on Mar. 2, 2002

I thought the whole thiong about the “Freezer” drug was very funny. He was obviously just making “friendly” fun of the rediculous question asked at the beginning of this posting about how to merge together all these drugs to make some wonder-drug.  Actually I am pretty sure that was just a joke in itself…. put Vicks44 together with shroom juice and dramamine??? Sell them at a club … come-on…. that guy could NOT have been serious. That was just a joke… right…. right?

Ummm…. well then, why is the guy who responded with the “Freezer” JOKE in jeopardy of being banned by the “Great” Milenko?

Hey – what in the heck kinda people are in charge of this whole operation anyways?

— Posted by Skankman on 1:52 am on Mar. 12, 2002

Dude, unless you have your masters degree in herbal medicine and Chemical engineering I suggest you stay away from making super drugs. Your gonna get people killed. There are people out there that do know this shit inside and out, and you can buy from them over the internet (New drugs that are still legal like 2C-T-7). There was an article about it in rolling stone. you can learn about it at Erowid.com.

— Posted by midas on 11:46 am on Mar. 12, 2002

me and my friends were talking about making a so called super drug.  we were going to mix methlyn-dioxymethamphetamine (ecstacy) and dextromethoraphan hydrobromide (DXM in cough syrup) and maybe some XanaX to mellow the trip. we can extract all the chemicals we need from the xanax and cough syrup, and get pure X but we never got around to it cause we are lazy… if anyone would like to try is i can get ahold of the extraction methods again.

— Posted by GRINCHMEIZTER on 12:57 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

tweak it with some P2P

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:41 pm on Mar. 14, 2002


— Posted by GRINCHMEIZTER on 7:15 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

Tweak. verb- means to inhance or make better.

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