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iodine crystals?

— Posted by bud smokr on 3:26 am on Jan. 9, 2002

where can i buy iodine crystals? hardware store? pharmacy? what are they really used for??

— Posted by drybilgeltd on 11:58 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

Do not know where to buy the crystals, but the stuff comes disolved in alcohol for cuts and scratches. It is also used for a test for starch like in bread or potatoes. You can get that in a drug store ( British term would be Chemist ). Let the alcohol evaperate and you should have the crystals. There is a picture of skull and crossed bones on the label. It is a bad poisen when consentrated. Do not mess with it.

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— Posted by Cook14u on 6:21 pm on Mar. 8, 2002

Think farms, think farms. . .  Your vet told you that you will need to lay down your horse unless you help it out.  Goto the nearest co-op out in the hills and collect $200.00 and Iodine.  Go, Go, Go


Thats the DEA down ‘YANder

— Posted by vexhin on 1:24 am on April 3, 2002

hehe take the iodine crystals and add amonia let it sit for 25 mins pour off liquid let goo dry then u have contact explosives

— Posted by balor on 1:27 pm on April 3, 2002

Never mind all that shit! Iodine is used as a disinfectant and is a sterilising agent.Its the best disinfectant for water as it kills bacteria and viruses.For get about the Iodine solution as it is extremely diluted. Go to your local chemist/pharmacy and ask for it.If you are questioned about it just say you are building up a survival kit etc. and it would be handy as the Iodine can be used to clean contaminated water and clean cuts so would be necessary to have.It will be expensive though

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