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lsd in a gooey form?

— Posted by doodoobie on 1:00 am on April 1, 2002

okay, so the other day i bought some “acid” from a friend and it came in this lil blob that looked like a melted crayon. my friend and i tried it by eating it and it had the most raunchiest taste to it, worst than e tabs, but her friend that she called said it was a type of concentrated acid. do you guys know anything about this? is it really acid or what? i figured if i melted it i could make lil windowpanes or something but im not even sure if it really is lsd. my friend felt a flushed heat feeling, as i didnt feel anything much, and her friend was “trippin”. so anyway, back to the question.. what do you think of this???

— Posted by Radiant on 7:50 am on April 1, 2002

Never heard of it sorry!

— Posted by doodoobie on 8:35 am on April 1, 2002

okay, so i talked to my friend and she said it was in it’s previal state or something. uhh, hmm….

— Posted by Radiant on 9:02 am on April 1, 2002

sounds strange…

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 9:44 am on April 1, 2002

I don’t know too much about LSD except i’m pretty sure when LSD is made it is still a liquid when the drop it on the sheets. So ya it might be LSD just in a liquid form but that doesn’t mean its stronger.

— Posted by EvilSkuzzi on 11:08 am on April 1, 2002

LSD is sometimes sold as a gel, this one just sounds as if it has not set properly.

The problem you have is how strong is it? As you will already know it doesn’t take much to fuck you up! Try cooling it in the fridge and it sould get a bit firmer and easier to handle.

How much did you pay for this stuff?
How big is it?
How well do you know the person who sold you it?
How many trips did they say was there?

This stuff will probably be acid as one of your friends did trip. The only problem is that it does not take much to send you on a bad trip. Go easy with it.

— Posted by Creeper on 11:25 am on April 1, 2002

Sounds like a melted crayon if you ask me 😎

— Posted by doodoobie on 3:01 pm on April 1, 2002

well, my friend who sold it to me usually sells me stuff but i’m kinda thinking twice about buying from her. she’s been selling some crystal meth to me and supposidly said it was good but i got a better deal and better quality from someone else. anyway,  most of it wasnt for me. she told me to smoke the stuff… ??? acid is smokable?! anyway, i bout it for 80 bucks or so, and she said there were 20 hits or something in it. about 1.5 inches in length and .2 in width. a little block. i took a piece (orally, and relatively small) and it tasted liek shit and didnt hit me, but i was also fighting with someone. im not too sure about the others…

— Posted by dakhemist on 8:46 pm on April 1, 2002

ha ha ha you got beat!!! quit lying to yourself. it was a melted crayon and your friiend thought he was tripping!!!!!!

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