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Marijuana First Aid Kit

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 2:35 pm on April 1, 2002

In this forum everyone should submit their own thoughts on how to make Shitty weed better. From personal experience and for my first one, Buy a can of Catnip extract and spray it on your weed and let it dry, and do it again if you have to. That has always made my bud more potent. So C’mon peoplez and start sendin in your tips!

— Posted by 4N4rKi3 b0mZz3 r k3w on 2:38 pm on April 1, 2002

What the fuck is wrong with you? Nothing you add to marijuana is going to increase the THC content. It will only adulterate one of nature’s greatest beauties. Go back to Never Never Land where your hack drugs actually do something. Leave the real stuff here.

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 5:11 pm on April 1, 2002

I don’t think you understand what I was saying. I didn’t say it increases the THC content I simpy ment it makes you more stoned! When you mix different things you might get better effects.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 5:16 pm on April 1, 2002


Inject that shit into the plant to make it produce more chemicles including THC.

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 7:45 pm on April 1, 2002

If you bury it for along while like day a fungus will grow on it…thats  a good way of getting fucked up…This is not from my experience but if you put bong water on marijuana and let it dry you can and and if you boil the steams and leaves and do something else (i’ll post when i find it) thats suppose to help

— Posted by Ronith on 11:14 pm on April 1, 2002

fungus grows in dark wet areas. when you smoke fungus, the fungus could start to make it’s habitat in your lungs (dark, and moist). it’s not fun, anyways why the fuck would anyone wanna smoke fuckn fungus in the first place. get some opium poppies from Thompson and Morgan, and lace your weed with that

— Posted by 4N4rKi3 b0mZz3 r k3w on 6:10 am on April 2, 2002

There is a kind of fungus that will increase the high, but I know people have died and/or fucked themselves over when they smoke weed with the wrong kind of fungus. You’re better off without it. Just buy better weed man. It’s that simple.

Roland, surely you’re joking about that injecting thing…

— Posted by midas on 11:17 am on April 2, 2002

fungus on bud can kill you. if you grow, get all your leaves(remember LEAVES), a five gallon bucket, an electric cake mixer, two pieces of silk screen(one extemely fine and the other not so extremely fine), and some ice. put the bucket down and put the two pieces of silk screen on it with the more fine one on bottom. put the ice in there and then your leaves. mix that together with the mixer for 15 minutes and then let it set for 45. do this until most of the ice is melted. pick up the less fine piece of silk screen and squeeze all the moisture out of it letting it strain through the other piece. then pick up the other piece and fold a little pocket out of it by folding all the sides in. stand on it or run it over with a car to compact it, and also remove the rest of the moisture. then you have THC chunks to put on you blunts or bowls or just smoke by themselves.

— Posted by AcidTrooper on 11:43 am on April 2, 2002

Something the Totse would say: and we all know the mexican rag weed is all you can get your hands on.

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