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— Posted by cvj99 on 8:14 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

i heard there was a recipe for meth on this site and i’ve been all over this site and haven’t found it yet exceot the vicks recipe can anyone give me a clue where the hell it’s at thanks

— Posted by GRINCHMEIZTER on 12:03 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

I always see people posting questions on ho w to make make meth so I figured I’d put this up.
Also known as:”CRYSTAL”,”METH”,”CRANK”,”SPEED” etc……….
Written and tested by: The Leftist.
Have you ever heard of speed?
No, not those little pills that are shaped likehearts,
not black beauties, or magnum .357’s, but real crystal.
This is the exact drug that Hitler used on his troops
in WWII to make them fight for dayson end. This is the drug,
that in the 60’s, caused a “smack” uproar in NewYork’s “Needle Park”.
Now, you can make this very same drug, in your own dangerous kitchen,
safely and easily. Once you do this a few times,
you will get the hang of it.
I no longer have to read the directions to produce it.
What to do with it once you have made it.———————–
——————Take a ball about the size of a lead pellet,
and wrap it in tissue, and swallow, or you can put it in
capsules and use it. You can smoke it, mix itwith vitamin B-12,
and snort it like cocaine. You can also sell it, for about
$65-70.00 a gram, and don’t forget to cut it.
Remember, this is pure stuff!!===================================

=====================List of chemicals and materials————

——————-Dilute Hydrochloric acid–> This may be purchased
at the hardware store. It’s sold as a brick and driveway cleaner.
They call it muriatic acid. Sodium Hydroxide–> This, you probably
already have. It’s called “lye” at mostplaces; it’s drain cleaner.
Ethyl Ether–> You’ll probably have to make this. Don’t worry,
it’s a breeze. Just go to your local K-mart or Auto parts store,
and get a can of that “STARTING FLUID” it comes in a spray can.
It’s used for cold weather starting of gasoline engines.”VICKS” nasal
inhalers–>USE ONLY VICKS!! No other kind will work that I know of.
These are at any drug store or grocery, etc.. You need 12 of em,
butdon’t buy em’ by the dozen, unless its winter time, then you can
just say yer from some nursing home, and you’re stockin up for the patients.
Otherwise buyem’ 2 at a time, if possible. Get a friend to help you.
The druggists at the drug store usually will know what’s goin on
if you buy quantity.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
—————– Two large eyedroppers-
ten small glass bottles-
one large glass or porcelainbowl-
coffee filters-
one small jar with a top-
one Pyrex baking dish-
oneglass test tube.———————
PREPARING ETHER! (DO THIS FIRST)Take one of the small bottles and
spray starter fluid in it till it lookshalf-full. Then
fill the rest of the way with water, cap the bottle and shake for
5 minutes. Then, draw off the top layer with the eyedropper, and throw
away the water layer. Repeat this until you have about 3 oz. of ether.
Put the cap on it, and put it in the refrigerator if you can.
(If you can’t, don’tworry about it) You’ll use this in the procedure below.
(1) Break open the inhalers, a pair of real sharp scissors does this good.
Place the cottons that were inside in a jar and close the lid.
(Remember youuse all 12 cottons.)
(2) In the bowl, combine 1- 1/3 oz. water and 2/3 oz. muriatic acid.
Shred cottons in this solution, and knead for 5 minutes with hands.
You can do it bare-handed if you’vegot tough skin.
Squeeze all juice out of filters after you knead, and throw em away.
(3) Filter the remaining liquid into the quart jar.
It will be necessary to dothis several times to get that awful
smelling oil out. The chemicals in theinhalers have been bonded
to the HCl, and the oils have been filtered off.Throw the filters away.
(4) Pour enough of the solution into a small bottle to fill it 1/3 full.
Saveany leftover juice for the second batch.
(5) Pour 1/4 teaspoon of the lye crystals into the bottle and agitate.
Do thiscarefully, as the mixture will become hot, and give off a gas.
Repeat thisstep until the mixture remains cloudy.
(6) Fill the bottle from step (5) up the rest of the way with ether.
Cap thebottle, and agitate for about 8 minutes.
It is very important to expose everymolecule of the free-base to
the ether for as long as possible.
(7) Let the mixture settle. There will be a middle layer that is very thick.
Tap the side of the bottle to get this layer as thin as possible.
(8) Remove the top layer with the eyedropper, being careful not
to get any ofthe middle layer in it. Save the top layer,
and throw the rest away.
(9) Fill a bottle half-way with water, and about 10 drops of acid.
Pour thetop layer from step (8) into the bottle, and cap it.
Shake the bottle for 2minutes.
When it settles, remove the top layer and throw it away.
The freebase has now been bonded to the HCl/water mixture.
(10) If there is anything left from step (3), repeat the procedure with it.
(11) Evaporate the solution in the Pyrex dish on low heat.
You can do this onthe stove, but I have found that if you leave it on
top of a hot-water heater (like the one that supplies hot water to your house)
for about 2-3 days, theremaining crystals will be Methamphetamine.
Some notes:Police are now calling this the “New Cocaine”.
It is very easy to become delirious off the ether fumes,
so be sure you arewell ventilated, I mean it!!!
Small, aspirin, or experiment bottles seem to work the best for
smaller batches. The measurements are not exact, so you don’t
have to be either.In step 9, be sure you don’t use too much water.
Remember, this is the water you have to use to evaporate

— Posted by Stormshadow on 5:34 am on Mar. 20, 2002

The archives used to have the sweet uncle Fes recepi; but since the holiday rehash, it has disappeared.

Comments (22)

  • Tom Scott

    Niether of these resipies will any type of amphetamine…they will simply extract the active ingredeant in the inhaler. In the case of the Vicks inhallers the active ingrediant is “dysoxyphederin[sp???] HCL-{hydrocloride}.
    If you look in older version of the PDR [Pysisions Desk Referance] the is a drug called Dysoxin{sp??} 5mg of acual meth amphetamine-my guess is that the feds have taken it of the market sinse I lasd gave a ding about such things.

  • Tom Scott

    Re- what I wrote about making meth-amphetamines from inhalers..although the active ingrdant in vicks seems to be meth amphetamine-it is actuaaly a differnt chemical with one small but major differance. a dash “-” at the end of dysoxyphederine HCL-x or y. the x version will cause your brain to overload with several chemacls-mainly adrinaline, that make u feel ilke god & devil combined. Everytime u use it u become more and more wacked out. it happens fast, and can turn A. Schwartzaniger into a paranoid shrivel toothless C Manson. It isn’t that hard to make the real thing, but considering the consquenses.leagal and health..u figur it out. If you snart enough to back a double fudge chocolate cake, u can make the MA, and shoud be smart enough to know it isn’t worth..I recomend herion adicion over MA.Peace and out…

  • 1234

    i’v read in a bunch of places you need battery acid and matches and brake fluid and all that other shit.

    and to clear up the confusion with the vick inhalers you need anything with pseudo ephedrine in it.

    and how much meth does this yield?

  • Tim

    Does this shit really work and will it kill you

  • zoe dryden

    i done mateys recipe 3 times and it didnt work my man done this too and he knows what he is doing basical as we live in the uk the names here are different so please tell us what we need to look for over here as the vicks dosnt work

  • chris GR

    because i dont know anything of cooking can send me any video?to see how works plz.also i would like to see what exaxtly use to make maybe in GR are diffrent the things.thank you waitting for respawn.

  • daz

    all that receipe is doing is drawing out the drug BENZIDRINE from the inhalers in rock form…it don’t work there’s a few ingredients missing.you need Ephedrine for crystal meth!!

  • chris GR

    @daz what is the diffrent of simple meth and crystal the only meth i tried was white like cocain if anyone have a simple recipe plz sent me im searching on net but nohting..

  • sexy_sexy_sexy

    @chris GR crystal meth is made in tht ground to crysalize and the other is cooked for an hour or longer then gassed that makes meth.

  • sexy_sexy_sexy

    @zoe dryden
    sudefed 24hrs

  • sexy_sexy_sexy

    theres any easrier way wathch the batteries the will explode on u

  • mawi n sons

    i already do the things that u ask
    but its not working
    how ya?

  • asd

    what the fuck what is wrong with people how too cook im doing a paper on meth and this shows that people dont care and they will post shit on the internet how to fucking cook what if a kid saw this and decieded to try it and died

  • Jason

    OK first of all the active ingredient in vicks nasal inhalers is Levomethamphetamine. What this procedure does is remove the levo and leaves PURE methamphetamine. You will yield about half a gram using vicks nasal inhalers because it’s 50mg of levomethamphetamine per inhaler. Anybody saying this doesn’t work didn’t follow it right or is a dumbass who doesn’t know what there talking about. Where are people getting dysoxyphederin is in the inhalers? It states nothing like that and is not in them.

  • p8-sinaloa

    Come on this recipe is from like 2002 and is. Obviously a fake. Get with the times. Culiacan, sinaloa, mexico!

  • grape

    @Tom Scott – Actually, the Vicks inhaler recipe will yield a form of methamphetamine but it’s not the type of meth that you want. In chemistry there is a term called how Chiral something is. Chiralty refers to two of the same molecules that cannot be superimposed. What this means is that even though Vicks Inhalers really does contain methampetamine, it has the l type instead of the d type. The d type is the one that you want because it fits perfectly in the brain neurons that create those perfect effects that you want. The l type is more of a crappy type of high and they “Vicks” changed the types from d to l back in the 60’s because back then ALOT of hippies and people involved with the culture would simply open up the inhalers, take out the cotton inside and swallow it. That would give them an intense high just like the best speed you could buy. The only bad thing about that was when you swallowed the cotton it reakd of menthol amongst various other chemicals. Back in the 90’s I came across this same synthesis for doing the Vicks Inhalers and I was determined to try it. L:et me just say this- It costed more to actually do it this way and not only that it was CRAP! There were so many bad side effects and just imagine all that menthol in your system, ect. It was also a pain in the ass tyo get it right and it took a couple times to get it right. Of course I never did this it was just a weird dream I had about doing it. So I’d say that my nightmare was so bad that i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone! :) Oh by the way- If one did decide to do the Vicks inhaler recipe just know that being caught with that will gain u a charge of Possesion Of Methamphetamine! Also, it will show up in your system as meth so just be careful, stay away from this terrible drug and do something constructive with your life such as flying remote control helicopters, lol! hehe j/k but not really

  • grape

    @Tom Scott – Oh yeah I forgot to tell you- Desoxyn is still on the market! It used to be used for weight loss but nort anymore. Now it is ONLY used for Narcolepsy, can u believe that? Well actually when u think about it that does make sense. The first time i did Desoxyn was about 10 years ago. I lucked out by finding a friend of a friend who had Narcolepsy and I got 10 pills from him. They were lots of fun actually! I know that you can go see a narcoleptic specialist about seeing about getting them prescribed to you but from what I hear those doctors are VERY leary about prescribing that medicine to certain individuals these days. There have been lots of doctors that have not only lost their practice but have gone to prison because they couldn’t prove to the courts that many of their patients really needed that medication. :(

    I am pretty sure that you can order those online but I’d bet they would cost a pretty penny. Not too expensive but probably about the amount they would cost if you could find them on the street.

    I have been clean off meth for almost 3 years now. Ny no means am I thinking I am better than anyone else. I struggled with that drig for around 20 years! What’s worse is the way I did it. i did meth every way that it could be done and that is NOT good! The other bad thing is whenever I’d use I wouldn’t take very good care of my body at all! I would dehydrate in a room and wouldn’t leave because I was too schitzed out and scred to leave for fear of being caught by the police. I was homeless and staying illegally in a bank building and on one occasion I stayed inside that building for 2 days without food or water! All my muscles were cramping so bad and at one point I felt like my heart was cramping too! At any rate, that really had nothing to do with what i was talking about earlier but my point is that I really do hope that many of you find a way to get clean and treat your body right. I say this because I care. I say this too because I still struggle with the fact that my future of being clean is up in the air. I know I don’t want to use ever again but then again I know all it could take would be for me to end up being around the wrong influences just one time even. Good luck to all of you whether you quit or don’t.

  • Jane Doe

    When you read the ingredients of vicks nasal inhalers the first active ingredient is levmetamfetamine…its an extremely small dose present in each nasal inhaler which is probably why each batch calls for 12 inhalers instead of just a couple…this product already holds within it amphetamines u just need to go thru this process to enhance the ingredient and fully separate it from all the other shit u don’t need…I’ll be trying this recipe within the next week or so along with a few others after I get all my ingredients so I’ll be sure to let u guys know exactly what works and wut doesn’t

  • Jane Doe

    Also when you research this topic and look up other methods the ingredients they call for are extremely similar to this method besides the fact that most call for ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine because that is the sole ingredient that is transformed into amphetamine whereas this method calls for vicks nasal inhalers. The process and each step is damn near identical to most recipes I have researched up on.

  • hen re

    how did u go with it jane doe?

  • astengoml

    I agree, I’m doing a slide show presentation on it for Junior College and it’s crazy what I’ve found online. My kids have access to this!@asd

  • lab rat

    give me ya eff you wannabe scum dogs

  • lifesux

    the vicks inhaler has the wrong isomer of methampehtamine. it is sympathotomimetic, but nothing like the d isomer. if it was that good, the duh e a would have banned it years ago. nuff said

  • lifesux

    if you really want to try to make meth, look at the red phosphorous and black iodine reduction, it’s probably the least dangerous.

  • tristan

    Come on guys i got my Spuedo effadrine wats te easist simplest way 2 make good gear regards tristan depression sufferer going on 12 years in a hole need a boost

  • Seriously

    This is pathetic! I think all you meth users need to put the pipe down and redo grade 5 English class. Does ANYONE know how to spell?!? I guess when your biggest worry is which brand of batteries and matches produce a toxic chemical to be ingested into your OWN body – really spelling and grammar are far from your mind!

  • troy jackson

    @Jane Doe
    Hi Jane i am finding it very hard to get an accual recipe…if you have had any luck could you please help me out!You can reach me on Facebook Troy Jackson in Kingston Ontario…..my cell AREA CODE 613 NUM. 876 6965 or you can email me at troyjackson@live.ca!!!! wish you the best and hope to hear from you sincerly…Troy Jackson

  • Mrs sameei

    hi.please learn me to make ice.please

  • gary

    hi, there’s no starting fluid available here in the philippines,.. can i use brake fluid instead?… if yes, may i know the process of extracting the “ether” from brake fluid?….. thanks…..

  • hamid

    i have do this recipt but ican not made anything.
    i dont know filter off oil of soulatin of pesuedaphderin
    in firest stepe. please learn me.
    thank you

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