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NEED some Trips. Homemade or whatever

— Posted by qmakowski on 4:57 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

hey i need something like acid or shrooms. something i can make or buy. mostly somthing that would be a good replacement for acid

— Posted by soul burn on 5:15 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

sorry to say it but if your looking for something easy they dont exist. the closest youll get is nutmeg skullcap or cough syrup. those are all  for little 13 yearolds who dont know how to buy drugs. sorry but making drugs to the quality of acid isnt something you just throw in a bowl and mix with sugar. if it was eveyone would be doing it.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:23 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

Find a pasture… Look under a cowpie.
thats your best bet.
I’m locking this and deleteing it in a day because its another stupid “homade” thread.

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