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New hook up

— Posted by keeko on 6:21 am on April 7, 2002

a FRIEND of a friend works at a pharmacy and HE wants to know what r some good shit that he can get….his friend is down to hook him up too…thanks guys

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 7:02 am on April 7, 2002

Quote: from keeko on 6:21 am on April 7, 2002
a FRIEND of a friend…

sounds like an urban legend, lol.

Tell him to look for morphine, valium, diazepam and just use your imagination.

— Posted by keeko on 6:51 pm on April 7, 2002

oh its no legend….security problems…ive been seein that around here….

but yeah…thanks…i already asked him about that but most of it u have to order and they dont have it in stock….but yeah…thanks man

— Posted by exhas1 on 9:54 pm on April 7, 2002

there is also chlorisiden it has three cs and + signs on all of them they come in silver packeging and the box half of it has a big C on it but this could kill u so dont take to much start out with 8 it might hurt a bite but its sopposed to then start taking more and more stop after about 12 13 14 times or u can get fuckin stupid real stupid now if any time u want to stop just dring lots of water cause thats what this stuff does drys up ur brain and the mourning after drink more water and in the time u swallow these pills ull be really fuck up and stupid so do it when no ones home and if someone comes home act like ur asleep k

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:59 pm on April 7, 2002

you guys are forgetting the best one..

Also Morphine, Valium, and shit like that are the only ones worth getting. If they THC pills… thats a fuckin jackpot. But I tink you need to specialy order those…

— Posted by 4N4rKi3 b0mZz3 r k3w on 11:48 pm on April 7, 2002

Diazepam, morphine, and marinol.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 1:33 am on April 8, 2002

Diazepam? That sounds like interesting shit, its good for nerve steadying and what else?

(Edited by IcedMetal at 1:33 am on April 8, 2002)

— Posted by keeko on 2:43 am on April 8, 2002

OH NO….oxycotin…i tried that…..i threw up ALL NITE….and i only took one pill…..i couldnt even eat a fuckin cracker w/o hurling…..eeww…ill never take that again…..i guess i just cant hang like that.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 4:18 am on April 8, 2002

Sounds like a good thing to slip in someone’s food. ¬†Maybe grind it up into powder.

— Posted by Rebo on 12:13 pm on April 8, 2002

anything with a controlled substance emblem is a good bet. It’s a C, with roman numerals inside of it, ranging from IV (alot of benzos, and the less addictive stuff), to II (Amphetamines, Oxycontin, Dilaudid-very addictive). Controlled stuff is just that-controlled. If your buddy steals it, his job is toast, as is most likely his ass. Stick with non-controlled stuff to be safe-Soma (casiprodol) is alot of fun. Thorazine can be, but before you do it drop me a line & i’ll let you know how I used to do it-which won’t knock you out & feels like 2CB

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