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Possible easy drug manufacture

— Posted by paladinpress on 10:06 am on April 10, 2002

I came across this while I sit here trying to write out a old formula I had for chloroform for a different board. I must state that I have never used this method but, the logic and chemisrty of it seeem sound so I will leave it to you guys to try…….

The Opium Poppy FAQ
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“Can I extract freebase codeine from AC&C tablets”

    Yes you can. but it may be illegal to do so in your area.

    This is a mixture of Aspirin with both caffeine and codeine. These
    are easily available in Canada and the UK. If it has acetaminophen
    in it it will not work.

    Last year someone posted the poor mans guide to Codeine
    extraction. While this helped save the liver of many users, the
    problem was the caffeine remained, and the end product not
    smokable. This guide will show people with some chemistry
    experience how to make smokeable freebase codeine.

    Items needed:
    Aspirin with Codeine tablets. 1000 tabs minimum
    Funnels and filter paper (preferably a Buchner funnel for fast
    Seperatory funnel.
    Beakers, Evaporating dishes ETC

    Chemicals needed.
    5 % phosphoric acid solution.
    Sodium Hydroxide.

    Put tablets in a very large glass bowl and add the hot 5%
    Phosphoric acid solution. The pills will start to disintegrate
    immediately. The reason we are using a 5% phosphoric acid instead
    of just water is so the phosphoric acid will supplement the
    Phosphate in the Codeine phosphate, and to help to increase
    extraction. The reason we are using hot water is to get the most
    codeine into the water quickly. Most of the aspirin will
    precipitate as soon as the mixture is cooled.

    When all the pills have dissolved, stir well, cool your mixture to
    just above freezing. Filter the mixture. When the water has
    drained, take the solids and put it back in the glass bowl. Filter
    the solids three times to ensure that all codeine had been removed
    from the mixture. Discard the remaining paste, as this is mostly
    aspirin, and the codeine is in the water. Note that this step can
    be done in an hour or two with a Buchner or vacuum filter. It can
    take days with gravity filtration.

    You now probably have a large volume of dirty looking water that
    you must evaporate down to a manageable volume of say 100 to 150
    millilitres. Remember that codeine is sensitive to light and heat.
    Codeine sublimates (turns into a gas) at moderate temperature and
    light is known to break it down. This means that care is needed
    when evaporating the water down.

    What you have now is a mixture of codeine, caffeine, some residual
    aspirin and phosphoric acid in about 100-150 ml solution Now comes
    the fun part.

    The next step is to get rid of the caffeine. 1 gram of caffeine
    will dissolve in 5.5 ml of chloroform, but it takes 4.5 Litres of
    chloroform to dissolve 1 gram of codeine phosphate.

    Extraction #1 (caffeine)
    Put your mixture in a seperatory funnel. Wash three times with 20
    ml chloroform. Making sure to shake and vent thoroughly between
    each wash. Remember that chloroform is heavier than water and it
    will be the bottom layer. After the three
    washes you should be left with 60 ml chloroform that has all the
    caffeine from you mixture. This chloroform can be discarded or
    kept if you can recover the chloroform.

    You now have to make the remaining solution in the seperatory
    funnel basic with the addition of NaOH. Bringing it up to 11
    should do the trick. As you add the NaOH you will quickly start to
    see pure codeine freebase start to precipitate out of the solution
    as white crystals.

    Do this right in the seperatory funnel, and please remember to
    shake and vent the funnel thoroughly as many times as it takes
    till there is no more reaction. Don’t be too alarmed if the funnel
    get extremely hot due to the chemical reaction, but it may be wise
    to slow the rate at which you are adding the NaOH in this case.

    Remember how above I told you that it took four and a half Litres
    to dissolve 1 gram of codeine phosphate? Now you have pure codeine
    freebase floating around the solution in the seperatory funnel ,
    and 1 gram of codeine freebase dissolves in 0.5 ml chloroform.
    This is 9000 times more soluble than before we added the NaOH.
    With the adjusted PH any residual aspirin is not soluble in

    Extraction # 2 (codeine)
    Do three 10 to 20 Ml washes with chloroform (remember chloroform
    is the bottom layer)
    And evaporate in an evaporation dish. The chloroform will quickly
    evaporate and you are left with codeine freebase the bottom of the

    Yield: Approx 7 grams codeine freebase per 1000 pills (with 8mg
    C/P per pill)


    1. This is not cost effective for anything less than 1000 pills,
    3000 -5000 preferred.

    2. Several washes of the paste will increase yield. You can tell
    by the colour of the water when you have all the goodies.

    3. Remember that chloroform is a proven carcinogen; so be thorough
    in your work. Make sure evaporation is complete.

    4. DCM can likely be used as a chloroform replacement.

    5. Remember that this process will not work with acetaminophen,
    Tylenol 1,2,3,4 ETC.
    It will only work with AC&C. (Aspirin, caffeine and codeine)

    6. Wear gloves and glasses when dealing with chemicals. Lab safety
    procedures do apply to you.

    7. Sodium hydroxide can burn your dick off.

    8. Smoking codeine freebase can be extremely addictive.


This is not my file I ran across it on one of my many adventures through the Internet. I do not hold any responsiblity for the file or what you do with the Information…… Is is provided for Educational Intrest only.                     J.

I’m still working on posting the common methods for chloroform manufacture so bear with me as I have to transpose it by hand

— Posted by paladinpress on 10:24 am on April 10, 2002

This looks like a plce worth taking a look at

http://www.poppies.org/faq/     – link here

— Posted by paladinpress on 12:05 pm on April 10, 2002

I have finished my recipe for chloroform I have a second one that I did not write for time constriant here is the link though


— Posted by Rebo on 12:46 pm on April 10, 2002

if you are able, please post whatever other info you are able to come across. I would love to know more about this (ie-yield, effects of smoking vs oral ingestion, dosage needed, etc). I am no longer anywhere near the canadian border, but if it would be worth it, i’ll take a trip up there! Do you know if they are still putting caffeine in canadian empirin w codeine? If so, will it mess up the extraction? Oh, & cool site-one of the more comprehensive sites on p somniferums I have seen

(Edited by Rebo at 8:43 pm on April 10, 2002)

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