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Prices of drugs….

— Posted by koKaInShane on 10:17 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

Hey every one here at BombShok!!! Hey im just wondering what are the prices of drugs in your town/state…Ill start off…. I live in centril Maine (USA) And here are my prices…

*OXYCONTIN*- 15 bucks for a 20 and $45 for an 80 and I hear that you can get 120s for $70…do they make a 120???

*NEROTTIN*- Get 350s for 2 bucks buy 10 for $15 20 for $30 and so on…

*RITALIN*- $3 for the ones I get. 20mg I get 2 fat lines or 4 coke sized lines.

*TYLINOL 3*- How the fuk do you spell tylonal?? 5$

*VIXIDEN* (VIKES)- $5 for 300mg…maybe 300 maybe more not sure

OXYCODINE- $10 a pill (mg I dont have a clue)

PERKS- Think its $15 a pill

*ADERALL*- $2 for blueberries (5mg)

*VALUME*- $5 for 25mg

*ECTASY*(‘E’ ‘X’ Rolls)- $20 for (Purple Rhino…i think that’s what it is) $30 for Black Swoosh herd madd stories

*SPEED*- $20 a pill


*MERSH*(Comercial)-$25 an 8th $130 Oz Not very good tasting but not too bad either. Hey gets you high. Mellow high last 3 hrs (from half joint)…

PURPLE HAZE-$35 an 8th $200 Oz 2 Hits and your dun dun. Nice dark packed buds with a kreeper efftect high..

*ATF* (Alaskan Thunder Fuck) A gram is $20 you do the math. Real One-a-gon shit…One hit and your gone!!Pack your bong take 3 hits and you are sofa king power fried you litterlly cant feel you legs. Realy strong high very long lasting 3 hits and your baked for 6+ hrs. Need a pipe or bong to smoke to0 sticky for a joint.

G-13(I think its the US government issued shit Either way its bownie time!) $30 an 8th $50 a quarter $160 Once. Best tasting bud Maine has to offer(Brownie wise) Good tast for smoking too. Up beat energetic high. Last bout 4 hrs off half a joint. Than get ready for a great night sleep or the other half!! 1 Oz ($160) for 2 11in by 13in pans makes 32 bownies that “kinda kicks you in the Boo Boo” as Chong once siad. $5 a brownie times 32 brownies=$160 but you can sell for $10 each they are 3.25in by 2.25. Eat one wait 20 mins and you are stoned!

**PURPLE BUD** My personal favorite. The all around smothest, best tasting, and most potaint bud Maine has. The buds are so…..Purple with lots of nice and bright red hairs…. Very intence high but mellow enough so you can be fucked of your ass and not have you heart pounding so hard that you get the “shakes” The high will last a few hours. 3 hits off a good bong can make the high last 5 hrs+ no probem. The high isnt as strong as ATF but the feeling is much better feels like your flying. $35 and 8th $55 a quarter $200 oz

GOLDEN HASH- great shit! Not sure of price


*COKE* 60/40 cut $50gm

*SHROOMS* $25 8th nice visurals no freaky ass shit

ACID- $5 a tab $3 a sugar cube

RED ROCK OPIUM- Gram is like $20…I think

— Posted by koKaInShane on 10:25 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

OPPS Sorry a * next to the drug means i know what im talking about and im 100% sure of price I didnt meen to have one next to the ectasy coke and valume.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:39 am on Mar. 26, 2002

well.. things are pretty cheap in maine.
I’m not posting prices on here cuz I think it’s a waste of time..
Anyone else is free to do so tho..

— Posted by EvilSkuzzi on 1:37 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

How much do you pay for an E pill? There only 1 pound in the uk! Well in newcastle anyways! Thats like 1.60 us dollars

— Posted by domeshot on 3:09 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

well round here you can get good commercial weed for 90 to 110 an oz  skunk goes from 200 to 325 an oz depending on quality but the shit for 325 2 hits and ur blowed out. I can grab an 8ball that ways 3.5 for around 180 and x is between 25 and 35 a roll

— Posted by koKaInShane on 3:14 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

DAMN!!! I want to move to the UK!!! One E pill is 20-30 bux in the US that would be like 15-25 pounds…must be nice…

The way to get your drugs cheap in Maine is to have good connections.  By that im talking about knowing people who either make the drugs, get big shipment of drugs, or know people who have connections from Mexico and Jamica… The only problem with knowing these people is that they tend to be big time dealers who dont fuck around and will put you into intensive care if you fuck them.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 3:52 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

I live in the UK and never bought E for 1 but it is cheap, i normally pick up at about 5 for 10, thats about $16.

— Posted by grimR on 9:47 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

in md, I can get…

mersh for 20 an eighth, 45-50 a half, 75-90 an O 190-250 a qp

for skunk- 20 a gram, 110 a quarter, 280-370 an ounce

coke- depending who I go to- an eightball for 120-175 (tops)

heroin – 100 a g, $10 a capsule in the city, 20 a vial for raw

acid- $5 a hit, 60-70 a quarter sheet (cherry bombs)

xtc- bullseyes been goin around lately for 20 a piece or $180 a 10 pack I have gotten a ten pack of bentlys for $160

thats all I got on the top of my head pretty good… high quality bud around here is way too high though

— Posted by LordPyro on 9:59 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

purple koosh is a lot more then $55 for an 8th more like 80-100$ but i live in california

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