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— Posted by LSD for me on 6:09 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

I decided to put alittle list together so……….

========================================1. Grind up 150 grams of baby Hawaiian wood rose seeds.
2. In 130 cubic centimeters of petroleum ether, soak seeds
for 2 days.
3. Filter solution through a tight screen.
4. Throw away liquid and allow the seed mush to dry.
5. For 2 days allow the mush to soak in 110 cubic
centimeters of wood alcohol.
6. Filter the solution again saving the liquid and labeling

it #1.
7. Re-soak the mush in 110 cubic centimeters of wood alcohol
for 2 days.
8. Filter and throw away the mush.
9. Add the liquid from the second soak to the solution
labeled #1.
10. Pour the liquid into a cookie tray and let it evaporate.
11. When the liquid has evaporated, a yellow gum remains.
12. Scrape the yellow stuff into capsules.

Order the seeds from a wholesaler ONLY, because other seeds
may have toxic chemicals in them. You can get the seeds used
in the solution from:

Chong’s Nursery & Flowers
P.O. Box 2154
Honolulu, Hawaii

I couldn’t find out the zip code so call the operator and get
it from her.


1. Obtain 50g of dried ground peyote and put in a 500 ml
Erlenmeyer flask.

2. Add 250cc of wood alcohol, cover the flask tightly, and
let cactus powder oak it up for one day, with occasional

3. Pour off the wood-alcohol solution into a 500 ml beaker,
filter properly, and place in a well ventilated place to

4. Again soak the plant powder in the flask fo two hours,
but in 100cc of 1- normal hydrochloric acid.

5. Filter, discard the mush, and combine the filtered HCL
solution with the residue from the evaporated wood alcohol
solution. Filter again.

6. To the solution add enough 2-normal potassium
hydroxide until the solution is normal.(Turns pH paper

7. Add 100cc of chloroform, stir, and let the mixture stand
until it separates into two layers,

8. Separate the two layers, using a separatory funnel and
discard the water(top) layer.

9. Add 40 cc. of water to the chloroform, shake, and
separate the layers again, Discard the top layer.

10. Filter the chloroform, evaporate, and dissolve the
gummy residue in 20cc of wate. Refilter it. Makes about one

CAUTION: Although this method is suppose to reduce the foul
taste and smell of peyote, it still might make you
nauseated. Vomit, puke, etc., but you’ll get VERY stoned.
The nausea will pass.


This method is a bit more involved. To get it to work you must be
accurate and careful. You will probably need to use at least 100g of seeds to
get a substantial yield. You cannot simply make one hit at a time since a
low yield often turns out to be no yield. The ratio here is 1:1:1. That is
100g Morning Glory Seeds : 100ml (mililitres) petrolium ether (sometimes
called benzene) : 100ml (mililitres) methanol (sometimes called wood alcohol.)
Take the 100g crushed seeds and place them into a wide-based glass flask or
drinking glass. To this flask, add 100ml petrolium ether. Let it sit for
48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours, strain this mixture through a tight
screen. Make sure to separate all of the liquid from the seed mush. You can
discard the liquid. Allow the seed mush to dry 100% completely. Put the
seed mush into a clean glass flask. To this flask, add 100ml methanol.
Allow this to sit for 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours, filter the
mixture through a tight screen, depositing the liquid drain-off into a second
flask labeled “A”. Save flask “A” and put the seed mush back into the other
flask (the one you just took them out of) and add 100ml of fresh methanol.
Allow this to sit for 48 hours. At the end of this (the last) 48 hours,
filter it exactly as before, through a tight screen into flask “A”. You should
be left with a moderately thick piss-yellow liquid (in flask “A”.) Pour this
liquid onto a cookie-sheet and allow the alcohol to evaporate 100% completely.
In a few hours you will be left with a yellow film on the cookie-sheet. Scrape
this up and swallow it.

!! WARNING !! Petrolium Ether is extemely fucking flamable! Even the fumes
can explode so do NOT leave your mixture uncapped near any sparks or flames.
Methanol is very very flamable too, so watch it. Both are potentially deadly
if swallowed, so make sure your filtrations and evaporations are 100%


This formula is exemplified for MDA (3,4-Methylenedioxy-
phenylisopropylamine); substituting N-methyl formamide
results in MDMA or N-methyl MDA (Ecstacy).

To a cooled mixture of 34 g 30% H2O2 and 150 g formic acid, add
dropwise a solution of 32.4 g (0.2M) isosafrole in 120 ml acetone,
(keep temperature below 30 degrees) Let stand twelve hours and
evacuate in vacuum. Add 60 ml methanol and 369 g 15% sulfuric
acid to the residue and heat on a water bath three hours. Cool,
extract with ether or benzene and evaporate in vacuum the extract
to give 20 g 3,4,-methylenedioxybenzylmethyl ketone.

Add 23 g of above ketone to 65 g formamide and heat at 190 degrees
for five hours. Cool, add 100 ml H2o2, extract with benzene and
evaporate in vacuum the extract. Add 8 ml methanol and 57 ml 15%
HCL to residue, heat on water bath two hours and evaporate in
vacuum (or basify with KOH and extract the oil with benzene and dry,
evaporate in vacuum) to get 11.7 g MDA.

The above occurs as a yellowish brown oil; this is active orally,
but somewhat inconvenient; to convert to powder (salt) form, reflux
in Hydrochloric acid and evaporate.

Safrole, an allyl benzene, occurs naturally in oil of sassafras,
about 70%. Can be extracted with simple distillation. It is con-
verted to isosafrole (a propenyl benzene) by adding equal weight
of KOH flakes and absolute ethanol and heating on steam bath or
refluxing for 24 hours; dried and evaporated in vacuum or added
with two time its volume in water and extracted with ether or
methylene chloride and dried, evaporated in vacuum. Hexane is used
for recrystalization.


^% The process %^

The process for extracting the essence of marijuana is a simple one, but it requires the utmost c You need a kilo of grass to begin with (woohh), and a screen to sift it through.

1) A kilo of grass usually comes in a block, compressed together, so break down the block anntly put it through the screen.

2) Remove all dirt and foreign objects, but don’t take out the stems. The seeds should also be taout, as they are much to greasy for good hash.

3) Now that you have seperated the kilo and sifted it, place it in a large pot and cover with rug alcohol (about one and a half gallons per kilo).
4) Now boil the mixture for about three hours. Be sure to use a hot plate or electric stove ra than gas as alcohol is highly inflammable and should never be exposed to a naked flame.

5) After three hours, strain liquids out of the pot, and store in a plastic
container labeled “Solution 1.” Now take the mush you have left and repeat
the boiling with fresh alcohol for another three hours.

6) After two alcohol extractions, each time using fresh alcohol, follow the same procedure, bubstitue water for alcohol. The water must be boiled at a higher temperature than the alcohl u only for an hour. This boiling
procedure with water should be performed twice.

7) Once these procedures have been performed, strain off the liquids again
and store in another container, and label “Solution 2”. Now reduce volumes of both solutionsboiling in seperate pots, turn down the heat as each
solution begins to thicken.

8) When each solution is reasonably thickened, combine them and boil a little
more on the hot plate. At this point the solution should have the consistency of modeling clay) Now heat a cupful of terpentine, and add to the mush. Be extra careful with
the terpentine, as even the vapors are inflammable. Add 2 ozs. of pine
resin and stir pot for ten minutes, under low heat.

10) Now pour mush into a baking tin, two or three inches deep, and heat in the
oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. After this, you should have some really
good hash but, if the hash doesn’t dry up after this step, just leave it in
the oven a few more minutes or until it dries out.

* Hash can be smoked either in a pipe or with tobbaco in a cigarette. Traditionally, hash is smoke a hookah or water pipe. But it’s your
choice… Have fun!

First you begin with one beer making kit (usually makes 25 gallons) then make sure that you have the other brew making equipment (silly if ya didn’t) then have 1 to 2 lbs. of mushrooms, locals are better cause there cheeper (free) if ya go get them yourselves. Grind mushrooms to a pulp while they’re still wet, then make beer by the book.

Add your mushrooms to the mixed beer and stir well then bottle in 25 gallon fermentation jug till beer is ready for bottling.

Bottle this concoction by way of siphoning into the bottles. Let the bottled beer sit until ready then take a taste.

When it’s ready break out the glasses and invite a friend or two over and have a ball!

If ya do it right it’s garanted to make a howlingly wild night.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:15 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Thats some good recipies. I’ll try the hash one. (A kilo! 😮 ). I’ll try the Morning Glory one too since I have morning glory w/ me.
Everything else is out of my league right now but maybe la8r. I’ll post some recipies here if I get any.

— Posted by LSD for me on 6:23 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Im back with some more recipies=============

———————————————————————-First, buy some seeds. Papaver Somniforum is very common and seeds are
advertised in most good seed catalogues. If you have trouble, Thompson and
Morgan are a good place to start. (They also sell seeds for peyote cactii
and other cool stuff.)

Then, plant them. They need virtually no care whatsoever. The following
year, you don’t have to plant because they spread like wildfire. There are
invariably more unwanted opium poppies than there are weeds in my garden
each year.

When the flowers go to seed, scrape the seed pods with a pin. Do it all
around the pod. As you do so, you will see little blobs of white coming
out. Leave the wounds to seep for a few hours.

A couple of hours later, go back and harvest your opium. By now, the white
blobs will have turned into black tar that can be scraped off and collected
on an old, blunt dinner knife or some such.

This really does work, and it is legal to grow the flowers. (at least, it
is in the UK.) However, once you start to scratch them, I suspect that you
become party to a conspiracy to manufacture. Not very clever. So be

As far as the conversion to heroin goes, I’ve no idea, but as they say in
the hills of Thailand/Burma, “anybody who smokes more than three pipes of
opium a day is an addict”.



Cloral Hydrate (Knock-out Drops)

Chemicals: Equiptment:
Bleach Distilling Set (see below)
Sani-Flush Clorine Bottle
Ethyl Alcohol Glass Tubing
Sulfuric Acid Rubber Tubing
Calcium Oxide Aquarium Aerator
Basting Syringe
Cooking Thermometer
600 ml Beaker
Water Glass
______ _______
/ _/ ___
_/ ||| Bucket of ice water
| | ||| _____ _____ |
/–|_| / | | | ____________/
/ / o | |
Bleach |_____| |___________| To outside
& _________ /
Saniflush | __/
600 ml | |
w/ aerator |__| __Collection

A piece of glass is fitted into the bottom of the stopper for the flask. To
that is placed an eight-inch length of rubber tubing and at the end of this is
the aerator. Two more pieces of glass is put in the top of the stopper.

First, you will need pure alcohol so buy some 100
proof vodka and distill it until you have about 12 oz.

Put the alcohol in the flask.Put about two inches of bleach and A teaspoon of
Sani-Flush in the chlorine bottle. This will generate the clorine gas that you
will need. Start the clorine through the alcohol while the flask is still
Watch it carefully to see when the alcohol stops absorbing the clorine. Then
light a alcohol lamp and place it under the 600 ml flask. Keep the flame low
until the alcohol stops absorbing again. Raise the flame and repeat. Continue
this untill the alcohol is boiling. Some of the alcohol will distill off into
the collection bottle. Several times during the process, pour this back into
the 600 ml beaker.

When the alcohol is totally chlorinated the flask is poured into a
porcelain dish and allowed to cool. If you have done this right the
cooled product should be a crystaline mass of unrefined Cloral Hydrate.

Now, pour strong sulfuric acid, three times the volume of the
Cloral Hydrate, into the pan. Place this pan on your stove over gentle
heat. When the cloral hydrate is melted, it and the sulfuric acid are
stirred throughly pour this into the flask and heat again. But this
time use the thermometer and don’t let it get over 200 F.

As the mixture heats up, the still impure cloral hydrate will rise
to the surface. When it stops rising, use the basting syringe and draw
the top off of the sulfuric acid. Repeat this until the pan is empty.

Put the cloral hydrate (you drew it off in the last step) into the
beaker and heat at about 190 F. for 20 minutes. This will get rid of
any alcohol or acid still in it. Pour this back into the flask and add
an equal amount of sulfuric acid. Swirl this around to mix it.

Once again you must distill the mixture. But this time it is easy
since the cloral hydrate will boil at 210 F and the sulfuric acid boils
at 722 F. When finished pour out the acid, then wash and dry the flask.
Now, put the powered Calcium Oxide, equal in volume to the cloral
hydrate into the flask, add the cloral hydrate and distill again. Stop
as soon as the surface of the oxide is dry.

To use, add one part water to two parts { by volume } of the
finished product. The dose is 1/28th of an oz ( 1 gram ). The best way
to use this is to put it into a mixed drink, because it has abitter
taste. In about 15 minutes, whoever you gave it to is out for the night.

— Posted by LSD for me on 6:34 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

HERE IS A FEW MORE TO ADD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>If you are a quote, “DRUGGY” and need a high here are some special ingridients that have been tested by your’s truely and will work. It might be dangerous or sound stupid but it will work. The products are labeled as is.

All pills and liquid is takin orally, no smoking ( marijuana) or pumping or snorting.


1) 6 Benedryl Allergy Pills

2) 2 Tylenol Pills (Liquid is not reccomended)

3) Nyquill Night Time Medicine (Liquid)

4) 1 Cigarette (Optional but picks up effect)

Now take the pills ( Benedryl) And swallow them, but take one at a time. To get full affect. Wait 15 mins then take down the Tylenol wait another 5 mins then take the Nyquill, after that is done wait 15 mins. Smoke your cigarette or desired smoke. This effect should be kicking in after your cigarette and it is a really big high, you can get dilusional and you will feel extremely tierd because all the ingridients have drowsey effects. But the effect lasts a long time. It is something to do on your own time, and do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery while doing this. Please experiment in the safety of your own home.



First off, I don’t recommend that you take Robotussin or any other substances against there intended uses or illegally, and this extraction method is purely a chemistry experiment.

The bottom line is you need Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). Medical grade is needed. I have heard that you can get NaOH as Lye for flushing your sink. However, I specifically recommend against this without full study on it and knowing all the ingredients, because it probably contains strychinin as well (thats a joke!). But I really don’t know what else is in hair clog Lye and you probably don’t either. You will also need a funnel and coffee filters. Filters smaller than 10 microns will take forever to drain.

You will need about 2 mg of NaOH for each four ounce bottle of Robitussin Extra Strength Cough. Only get the kind with DXM only as the other crap will precipitate, you will die, and your friends will write stupid anecdotes about how stupid DXM is to drug net, because they couldn’t face how stupid you were and now your dead and can’t drink chocolate milk with them.

First, make a solution of about 100 ml of cold water, I recommend distilled, and am not responsible for conflagrations caused by tap water use. 100 ml is about a cm of water in a coffee cup. Stir in your NaOH (1/4 teaspoon or 2 mg). It will take a bit to dissolve. NaOH will heat up the water real fast so if you are using larger amounts be very careful.

Now pour the NaOH solution slowly into your Robo while stirring. A white milky powder will form where they hit. The extraction will occur quickly. There is very little DXM in Robo and it will all be done quickly. If it IS NOT REALLY OBVIOUS THAT white powder is coming out of solution anymore, than you are done. It will not take much so don’t keep pouring in more solution.

Now pour your solution through the filter and funnel. This will take a bit of time. Then rinse the container in case some powder was left in it. Then pour water through the filter until all the red dye is pretty much gone. Let the filter drain for bout an hour.

Open the filter up and let it dry on a plate. You can heat it a little (150 degrees) to speed this process. Then scrape off white powder.


Lay the coffee filter flat and smooth it out. It should be a circle (make sure your hands are clean). Fold the circle in half to make a semi-circle. Fold it again to make a quarter circle arc. Open up arc end so three layers of filter are on one side, and one is on the other.

Careful how you store this. This powder is not water soluble and you will have trouble getting off the sides of a container you keep it in so try to keep the container small. Your DXM powder is soluble in alcohol and I understand vinegar. You probably got about 85% efficiency in extraction. Because of its nature, the powder at 85% will equal the liquid at %100 so just take the same amount you would drink. Take a shot of at least 80 proof liquor, actually about an ounce and a half for each four ounce bottle of Robo. Stir in the DXM, it will take some time to dissolve. Take the shot. This shot tastes awful awful awful, but it is only one shot versus lots and your stomach will be just fine. Have an acid chaser ready like soda or juice because this is tough stuff.



Mind-fuck Coffee:

U will need:

Coffee beans
5 whole nutmegs
Some Tobacco ( preferably pipe tobacco, cherry normally works best )
Some Tea ( The flavour u like best, because this is used the mask the horrible taste of nicotine and nutmeg )


Take the nutmegs, and beat them into crumbly bits with a hammer, then put them into the coffee grinder. Throw in the tobacco, tea and coffee beans. grind it up nicely. And make some coffee with the grounds.


when coffee is made from this, caffiene will be absorbed from the coffee and tea, nicotine will be extracted from the tobacco. And a bit of mescaline will be extracted from the nutmeg.. The result? Well.. Drink a whole pot and see 😛

Super Duper Strong Alchoholic Coffee:

U will Need:

Coffee Grounds
Some Vodka


Make your coffee the same way as you always do, except for one difference. The water u use will be pre-prepared in a speical way 😉 Allow me to explain, Take your coffee pot, fill it with half water, and half vodka. Then pour coffee grounds into it. A lot. So its Really murky. Leave it to soak overnight. Then strain it, Then use that water to make coffee with.


The caffiene will be absorbed into the alcohol, making the water u use, not only alcoholic, but extremely caffiend potent. Then, when u use it to make coffee with. The caffiene will be increased. Plus the alchohol, will have an adverse effect when mixed with the caffiene. What will it do to you? Well, it will get you drunk, and completely smashed. But i must warn You, this is higly dangerous. Use in moderation..

Ganja Coffee:

U Will need:

Some Fragrant Tea,
Some nice pipe tobacco.
Some of the best Marijuana u can find..


Get out your coffee grinder, throw everything in and grind it up to a powder. And make sure not the De-Seed the weed. Throw it all in Stems,Seeds and all. The result should be a brownish green powder. Make coffee with this.


Well, U get the caffiene.. And the nicotine. But best of all. U get the THC from the weed. Result? High… Fucking high… Jeez.. U will be flying. Once again, be careful with this.

Super Duper All In one Stuck To The Wall Coffee:

U Will Need:

Every Ingredient Listed Above


First, prepare your water as said in the super strong coffee, ( vodka and grounds ) Then Grind Up Eveything, The Nutmeg, The Coffee, The Tea, The Tobacco And The Weed. Make Some Cofee. Prepare to hallucinate..


Well, Think : Nicotine, Mescaline, Caffiene, Thc, And alcohol. U Will go insane My friend. But be warned. U may overdose from this. PLLLEEEAASE be carful… Okay?

Right, thats it. For best effect, smoke ciggarettes while drinking these recipes. Okay? And please dont kill yoself… s All I ask. Now, prepare to get fucked my friend!! But dont go overboard. ( as u havent already )


THATS ALL RIGHT NOW SO ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Posted by Radiant on 6:48 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

LSD for me:
How much is the volume reduced in the “making lsa from morning glory seeds” recipe?

— Posted by letsblowsomethingup on 11:16 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

i’m a newcomer to drugs. (15 1/2 years old. tried only alcohol, medium strength weed and some inhalants.) what will mescalane or nutmeg do to you? also, what would one 8-ounce cup of mind-fuck coffee do to ya?

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