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Salvia Dinovorium

— Posted by DarkDragon4561 on 8:05 pm on April 8, 2002

I’m sure as most of you guys know, salvia dinuvorium is a legal smokeable drug that gets u high. I was wondering if anyone knows where u can get the seeds. U can get a differnent kind of salvia at any local store but its not the good stuff. St. Johns Red Salvia is the crap that u’ll find at the store, it doesn’t do the trick. Dozens of websites sell the salvia in ounces and 1/2 ounces, but i want the seeds. If you can help out, i would appreciate it

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:07 pm on April 8, 2002


— Posted by DarkDragon4561 on 8:54 pm on April 8, 2002

does it have bulbs then? It has to be planted sumhow

— Posted by forge on 3:35 am on April 9, 2002

do you know someone who has a plant? just get a cutting.

— Posted by 4N4rKi3 b0mZz3 r k3w on 6:09 am on April 9, 2002


Roland, perhaps you should heed your own advice…

P.S. This is the advice I was talking about: “LOOK AROUND BEFORE U POST NEW THREADS!”

— Posted by DarkDragon4561 on 8:33 pm on April 9, 2002

If you are right and there aren’t any seeds, then how the fuck does it get planted?

— Posted by yomammasuxabig1 on 8:37 pm on April 9, 2002

it doews produce seeds but this is very rare, usually it is grown by taking a leaf and placing it in the ground and taking it care of just as a seed.  this works and this is how most people grow it. all you need to do now, is find a site that sells whole leaves.

— Posted by Ronith on 10:56 pm on April 9, 2002

Fuck dude read the other threads before you place a new thread. Buy some cuttings from online, that’s the only way i know how to grow it. I’ve never heard of plants growing from leaves… but then again I don’t know a whole lot about Saliva

— Posted by yomammasuxabig1 on 11:02 pm on April 9, 2002

thats what i meant. leaves,cuttings=same

— Posted by Ronith on 11:55 pm on April 9, 2002

Okay just making sure. Usually cuttings are called clones or something… Never really heard them called leaves before. But hey, whatever floats your fuckn ship.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:01 pm on April 10, 2002


I have no idea what kewl anarchist bomb-fuck was talkin about… but…

i hate stupid people. Doesn’t know what a cutting is…

— Posted by keeko on 4:57 pm on April 10, 2002

dude….just get a leaf/cuttin…it wil work if u take care of it……the hard part is just getting the cutting

— Posted by yomammasuxabig1 on 6:11 pm on April 10, 2002

i dont know if it is true but I heard it is extremely difficult to grow salvia, any1 have any idea how hard it is. if it isnt hard, Im growing it in my backyard.

— Posted by Ronith on 7:18 pm on April 10, 2002

All I really know about Salvia is that it is acclimated to mexico. It’s used to alot of sun. Probably the reason why so many claim it’s hard to grow is just because they planted it in the totally wrong location. Since the plant is used to alot of sun, just give it alot of sun. Maybe I’m just a stupid fuck, but follow your common sense. If the plant looks thirsty give it a small drink… Fuck, some people need to learn how to care for things.

— Posted by DarkDragon4561 on 1:04 am on April 11, 2002

okay guys, i get it now. U plant leave cuttings. Dam dont gotta get on my fuvkin case, i knew it haad to grow somehow. I usally just buy the extract

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