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The best Psicho drug?

— Posted by Pibvbp on 4:53 pm on April 3, 2002

I have a very simple question, what is the best Trip giving drug there is? I mean this mad shit like LSD….and ye, how to make it (what ever it is) from house hold items? (if possible)


— Posted by splitfire669 on 5:07 pm on April 3, 2002

you want a bad ass trip go check out the dxm thread

— Posted by ActivePsycho on 5:11 pm on April 3, 2002

The best and strongest trip possible, is possible through a drug called 5-MEO-DMT. DMT is also very strong however 5-MEO-DMT is 10X stronger. It only takes 3-5 milligrams of this shit to make you have an sometimes overly intense trip. If you smoke it the effects hit as soon as your exhaling. but 5-MEO-DMT is so rare to find on the streets its an uncontrolled substance, which is good and bad in both ways.

— Posted by knotty on 2:52 am on April 5, 2002

man if  you wanna a good clean trip.u want some good ole shrooms.its a nice mellow natural trip.lsd if not made from the pure form has strick9(rat poison) which can really fuck up your back n permanently damage your brain.and this dxm or whatever its called i dun think anyone should take that route.it jus seems fuckin retarded.

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