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The Way I Grew The Green

— Posted by OoxHighVoltagexoO on 4:24 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

Okay firstI started off by going out and paying the 135 bucks for a nice 7 foot tall aluminumstorage cupboard..Get one that doesnt have shelves or you can take them out of..Also make sure its about 4 feet wide and about 3 or 4 feet from front to back..Or you can be cheap, lazy and grow small amounts with a smaller one..Hit up flea markets also…Now go to the hardware section and buy like 6 or 8 of those clamp on shop lights…I think I payed like 6 bucks a piece for mine..Make sure they can hold the power of a 100watt bulb..Buy your bulbs, find your seeds  and get ready to grow…Now take your closet and either use tinfoil if you are cheap or use the 1 inch thick foam insulation that goes behind the siding on a house…Coat the whole inside with either of the two..It keeps heat inside and reflects light making it brighter…Hang your lights from the top and plant your seeds in whatever WELL DRAINED planters you can fit in there..2 small fans 1 pointing in and one pointing out should be fixed o the sides or back of the closet..A timer for the lights also..
~~About the plants~~
Once you plant your seeds hang the lights about 2 feet above them…Move them up as they grow…When the seeds sprout 2 small rounded leaves come first..After comes a set of pointed leaves..If you have healthy plants/seeds when the THIRD set of leaves sprouts, trim them off so you have left only the two rounded leaves and the first two pointed ones..This causes the plant to split and become more bushy..It can be done as much as you like..Just take into consideration your space..Weed is exactly what it is called and it is a WEED..It DOES NOT need watered every day, keep seedlings wet but once they head upwards water once every 2 or 3 days or when leaves look wilted…As they grow keep the lights about 2 feet above them or so…Once your lights are as high up as the closet allows leave the plants grow and bush them out until they are about a foot and a half from the lights…Now heres where it gets fun….During growing you should have been keeping your lights on a timer to give them around 14–16 hours of light per day…But since we are indoors you have to trick them into budding…Knock down the light to about 8–10 hours a day and hold back watering as often…4–5 days or when leaves look wilted….Soon enough depending on your size in plants and closet you should have atleast enough to feed your own weed cravings….Im not sure if any of this is a repeat of the Archives or not but I figured id contribute to the site and give my experiences…Also for anyone who thinks they might get busted…Police air checks dont pick up THC or anything else..They pick up heat..IE growing lamps etc etc..Thats why the good old shop lights work better than 500 watt lights or the bigger 1000 watt growing  lamps…Might take longer to grow but id rather stay out of jail…..Later guys and sorry if it was a lame post….PEACE

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