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— Posted by scott4251 on 7:18 pm on April 9, 2002

Does anyone have any good suggestions on the best artists and tracks for liquid dancin, artists like AMC and stuff like that? I want to make a good mix for when im rollin and really fucked up and that are good for liquid dancing. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated


— Posted by IncuSpy on 9:16 pm on April 9, 2002

Ya i have some good trance songs. But i need a favor in reply. Will you email me some good tips/tricks/moves/basics to liquid raving. I want to get real good. So if you have suggestions email me (IncuSpy@earthlink.net). Songs: Ayla-Ayla Part 2. Paul Oakenfold – This is trance. John Digweed – Heaven Scent. there could be more to come pending if you help me out with liquid, please. Rolling Kicks Azz

— Posted by Stealster on 9:57 pm on April 9, 2002

Yah ALL Paul Okenfolds music is kick ass!!! 😀

— Posted by knightmedia on 1:54 am on April 10, 2002

Paul Oakenfold isn’t that great. He just plays the shit that’s popular. If you like trance, I recommend listening to Sasha, Digweed, and Paul Van Dyk for E-trips, since it’s quality music and has that generally “Euphoric” sense to it. Personally, in this genre I like Nick Warren best.

If you like to do Acid, listen to Psychedelic Trance. Pull up Kazaa or go to your favorite free-mp3 site and do searches for Synchro, Sun Project, GMS (The Growling Mad Scientists), and just about anything pressed on Flying Rhino. I think the best acid music in the world is by Synchro, but just about anything pressed on Flying Rhino or Tip is worthy of purchase.


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