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Wanna Grow Weed?

— Posted by knotty on 6:53 am on April 8, 2002

heres pretty much everything you need to know 😉

Where To Grow

The first thing you will need is a place to grow. It should be at least 4 feet long in order to hang the lights. It should also be high enough to give your plants room to grow. I would reccomend at least five feet for small plants, this is a minumum. Your spot should also be out of the view of anyone else. Make sure no one can see elecrical cords running to your closet, or light emiting from around the door.
Once you have found a good spot to grow some pot, you should prepare it to grow some killer buds. Paint the walls white or line them with tinfoil to reflect light better. I find that painting the walls white is easier than putting up foil, but both work pretty well.


Now that you have found a place to grow, you must find the right soil to grow in. Soil can be obtained from many differet chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Try to find soil that has vermiculite mixed in. You should also look for sterilized soil. Unsterilized soil will almost certainly lead to problems with bugs in the future, and these bugs can be very difficult to deal with and trust me you DONT want them.

Sprouting Your Seeds

This is not needed but ill include this info anyway.If you want put some seeds in a damp wash cloth and put it somewhere warm (like a window seal or something) check on em in about 2 days.They will have lil tails and look kinda like sperm lol.Then you can plant em but jus planting the seeds without sprouting is easier takes less time and works.

Planting Your Crop

You can start by filling pots with soil. The pots should be small, but still large enough to leave the roots with room to grow. The top of the pot should be at least 6 inches across. Jiffy Pots are great to use, because they make transplanting (which you will have to do) very easy. Pack the soil down, but leave it slightly loose so water can flow through and the roots can breathe. Place a seed from your favorite bag about 2-3 inches deep in the soil, and cover it with soil. Keep the soil moist (not soaked) for 3 days to 2 weeks and you will start to see plants sprout up.


There are many different fertilizers out there, and each one affect your plants differently. For the best tasting smoke, I would recomend using organic fertilizers. If you use chemical fertilizer, use the liquid kind. There are methods which use different fertilizers at different stages of the plants growth to provide it with the most needed nutrients,and optimize plant growth. I find that it is easier to find one fertilizer to use for the whole process. There are three numbers on the front of the package. Theese numbers show the concentration of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, and are often refered to as N-P-K.
Find a fertilizer with equal, or close numbers, such as 10-15-10.
Marijuana loves fertilizer, so you can usally give it more than what the package says to use. Watch for the tips of the leaves to start turning yellow, this usually is an indication that the plant is being overfertilized. If this happens, go for a week or two watering with no fertilizer to flush the soil, and then resume fertilization, using slightly less than before. You should also stop fertilization for at least two weeks before your expected harvest. This will make the buds taste much better than if you were smoking fertilizer.


There are a few different kinds of light that work to grow pot with. There are lights that work better than flourescents, but flourescents are cheap and easy to use. They also do not cause a dramatic rise in your electric bill that might tip someone off about your illegal garden. So I will tell you how to grow with flourescent lights.
You will need a fixture of some kind to put the bulbs in. A four foot shop light is easy to find at most stores, and they’re pretty cheap ($7-$20). You will also need the right bulbs in the light. Use two cool white flourescent bulbs. They are the most common flourescent bulb. Do not try to use a different kind of flourescent bulb. Cool white bulbs give off light that is very close to the sunlight that the plants would recieve outside. Other lights may not give off light that the plant can use, or may give off the wrong kind of light and make your plant unhealthy.You will also want to pick up a light timer. You will only need a simple timer with one on setting, and one off setting. You will find out what this is for later on.
For now, just leave your lights on all the time. The plants will grow the fastest if they get 24 hours of light a day. Hang your light as close to the plant as you can (almost touching). Flourescent lights don’t give off much heat, so you don’t have to worry about them burning your leaves. You can provide your plants with the most intense light that you can get from the bulbs.

Vegatative Growth

The leaf growing stage of your plant is called the vegatative stage. When the plant starts growing buds it is called the flowering stage. You will want to keep the lights on your plants for 24 hours a day during the vegatative stage of the plant. Plants use the light to make food, which makes them grow. With 24 hours of light they can make the most food, and grow the fastest.They may start out growing slowly, but after two or three sets of leaves come in, you will be able to see changes in your plants daily.
Give your plants lots of attention. You should check on them at least once a day. This way you will catch any signs that may show you that your plants need something. Check the soil to make sure that they have enough water. The gases that humans give off when we breath are also helpful to the plants. So spend a little time with your plants, and have fun growing them.
Once the plants reach a certain height, you can clip them to become bushey, and produce more budding sites. This way you can get more buds from a smaller plant. Wait at least until your plant has grown four or five sets of leaves before clipping anything. Once your plant has gotten big enough, you can clip the top set of leaves off at the main stem (clip off the top of your plant). The plant will then fork into two branches at the top. They will be almost like two plants. You can continue to let the branches grow, and then clip the ends of them so they branch off too. You can keep diong this for as long as you like, but remember that all the leaves need to get light. Don’t let your plant get so bushey that the leaves cover up other leaves.


Some time during vegatagtive growth you will need to transplant to a larger pot. You can tell when it’s tme to transplant when the leaves of your plant reach out to the edge of the pot. The roots underneath the soil are usually as wide as the plant above the soil. If you used Jiffy Pots for your plants, transplanting will be easy. Simply put the Jiffy Pot inside a larger pot and fill it with dirt. The Jiffy Pot will break down into the soil and allow the roots to pass through with no shock. If you didn’t use Jiffy Pots, you must take the plant out of the origanal pot, roots, dirt and all, and place it in a larger pot filled with soil. This will cause a slight shock to the plants.
To avoid shock, transplant only once. Use a pot large enough to last your plant the rest of it’s life. You should make sure the pot is at least 2 gallons. This should be large enough for most plants.

Force Flowering

Your plants will start growing buds when you tell them to. The plants will begin to flower when they Begin to recieve only 12 hours of light. They will also need 12 hours of dark. Make sure the dark period is not interrupted. The plants should get no light during their dark period, even light leaking in from another room may disturb the plants.In nature the plants use the amount of light they get in a day to tell them when they should start trying to produce seeds, the buds are what produce the seeds in the marijuana plant.
In an indoor garden, you can regulate when the plant will begin to flower. This is what you will need the light timer for. You can force the plants to flower at any time you want to, although you should let the plants get at least three feet tall before starting this process. The plant may not be able to support large buds if it is too small.
Set your timer so your plants get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. Make sure your plants get 12 hours of light. They still use the light to make food for the buds. It may take a week or so for the plants to start flowering. Some varieties may vary from the 12-12 lighting cycle, but it worksfor most. If plants do not indicate, try less light.

Pull the Males

The marijuana plant has two sexes. The males are unwanted in the garden. The males produce pollen, And the females produce the buds in an effort to catch the pollen, and produce seeds. If the female plant can’t catch any pollen, the buds will grow bigger as the plant tries to get some. The bud will also be more potent if no seeds are produced. You will want to pull the male plants as soon as you find them.
So how do you tell them apart? The males will begin to grow small pods when you begin flowering. The pods look like small green balls near the stem. Make sure to pull theese plants as soon as you see them. The females will start to grow small white hairs. Keep only the female plants, and you will get some great seedless smoke.

When to Harvest

There is a very easy way to tell when it is time to harvest your plants. Watch the hairs. As the hairs get older they will change color, and new, white hairs will continue to grow. When only a few white hairs are presnt when compared to the number of colored hairs, it is time to cut that monster down. Do not wait too long, the buds will start losing potency after they have matured.

Drying Your Buds

Drying your pot is probably the most important factor in the potency and taste of your buds. If not dried correctly, your buds could develope mold (especially dense buds). Follow theese instructions carefully.
When the plant is mature, cut it off at the botom of the stem, close to the soil. This is much cleaner than pulling the plant and the roots out of the soil. Find a spot where it is dry and good ventilation is present. You may even want to put a fan in the room to keep air circulating. Hang the plants upside down by the stem. Make sure that they are not touching anything.
It will take anywhere from three to ten days for the weed to dry. Buds should be slightly crisp to the touch, but shouldn’t crumble when you touch them. A good way to tit is to pick a bud and roll a joint with it. If the joint stays lit while you smoke it, then the weed is dry enough, andn begin to cure it.
Curing your bud gets rid of that homegrown taste, and also increases potency. All you will need to cure your bud is some glass jars with lids. Place the buds in the glass jars. Don’t pack the buds in, just place them. Screw the lids on the jars. About every two days, take the lids off and put them back on to put fresh air in the jar. After abot two weeks you will have some sweet tasting seedless smoke. You can leave it in the jars to keep it fresh for a long time. Now it’s time to pack that bong and ENJOY the benefits of your effort.

phew and thats finally it! If anyone has any other tips or anything to add go ahead and throw em up here.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 11:42 am on April 8, 2002

Enough said.


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