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where to find magic mushrooms in th U.k?

— Posted by Brainspiller on 8:22 am on Mar. 13, 2002

where can i find magic mushrooms in the u.k around the hertforshire area if anyone no’s i wud be very greatful!


— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 9:57 am on Mar. 13, 2002

Where abouts in Hertfordshire do u live mate?

— Posted by Brainspiller on 10:00 am on Mar. 13, 2002

Letchworth, Y do u live in hertfordshire as well?

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 1:17 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

As I told you earlier, I live in Tring and I can give you the number of a dealer if you want, not sure where they grow.

— Posted by fred nash on 4:09 pm on Mar. 15, 2002


— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 5:12 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

Firstly, find a decent palce to post this as that is unrelated and doesn’t belong in this thread.
When you firt enter bombsock there are a few options on the left hand side of the screen. To access the archives, click on the one that says ‘archives’. Ingenious huh???

Brainspiller, sorry I haven’t IM’d you back mate. If you want to pick mushrooms, always be careful you aren’t picking anything dangerous or poisoneous. There were some around Tring Park a while ago but it became common knowledge and they all went immediately. They grow more commonly than you’d think but you need to make sure your with someone who knows mushrooms so you don’t put your health (or other people’s) at risk. When you do find a decent crop of magic mushrooms, DON’T TELL ANYONE!!!

Hope I’ve been a help, you know where I am if you need more info.


— Posted by Brainspiller on 8:10 am on Mar. 16, 2002

Thanx m8 u have been a big help actually!

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