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Where to get GBL

— Posted by Radiant on 9:53 am on April 9, 2002

does anyone know what type of
stores GBL  (gamma butyrlactone) can
be bought in?
And is it harder to get since GHB became scheduale 1?

— Posted by Radiant on 11:29 am on April 9, 2002

Oh, and i need price information too 🙂

— Posted by Rebo on 1:28 pm on April 9, 2002

check your inbox in 10 minutes-and please do not post the suppliers I send you.

— Posted by Radiant on 4:31 pm on April 9, 2002

Thank you Rebo!

— Posted by Rebo on 4:52 pm on April 9, 2002

no problem. The gbl from there is pretty fucking spendy compared to the time before they scheduled GHB.Still though, for the $ you spend on the small bottle (and of course the naoh, which is dirt cheap in comparison) you’ll get almost a pound of semiconductor grade GHB crystals-considering that the avg dose is between one & three grams, that’s not bad for the   $$$$$$

— Posted by Rebo on 5:43 pm on April 9, 2002

good info gets good info in return. check your inbox in 5 mintues

— Posted by Radiant on 8:12 am on April 10, 2002

hmmmm… i didnt seem to get your mail.
are you sure you got the adress right?

— Posted by Rebo on 12:58 pm on April 10, 2002

No problem; I sent both to your bombshock inbox, but also just sent the info to the email you listed. As I mentioned in the email, you can share the first addy with people (but please don’t post the info. I’m sorry to repeat myself, and I’m sure you know better than to post the supplier anyway), but please keep the 2nd site to yourself (yes, they are legit)

— Posted by Radiant on 3:07 pm on April 10, 2002

oh, ok! thanks again 🙂

— Posted by Rebo on 6:13 pm on April 10, 2002

hey Radiant-that site is back online

— Posted by Radiant on 8:25 am on April 11, 2002


— Posted by Radiant on 8:27 am on April 11, 2002

good prices 🙂

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