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DIY ‘false’ Plastics

— Posted by David carr on 4:18 am on Mar. 18, 2002

Potassium Chlorate
Petroleum Jelly

Round or Square mixing bowl

Stick Round or Octagonally Faceted


1) Crush the Potassium Chlorate Crystals until they look like powdered sugar
2) Mix 9 parts Potassium Chlorate to 1
part Vaseline


You need a blasting cap, but an
electrical charge might work, but a
fuse will definatly work.


1) Gasoline

2) Vaseline


Mix 2 parts vaseline to 1 part gasoline
then mix together (wear gloves and dont
smoke) Just kneed it like a doe till allone consistancy  

do these actually work if so how im trying 2 learn as much as i can before i try to make a plastic explosive

— Posted by None on 5:21 am on Mar. 18, 2002

the potassium Chlorate and vaseline one does work, though its not very powerful as compared to high explosives. it needs a blasting cap, and i think its more effort than its wortk, especially if u were going to make an AP cap or whatever.
petrol and vaseline dont make an explosive when mixed.

— Posted by David carr on 5:30 am on Mar. 18, 2002

How powerfull
how much would i need 2 blow a car or something around the same size

— Posted by preditor on 5:58 am on Mar. 18, 2002

I think you’ve supposed to also add axe to it, well I do at least, I can make it stay in funny shapes that way

— Posted by None on 6:50 am on Mar. 18, 2002

you want to blow up a car??? i hope it is at least an old paddock basher or something.
KClO3 + vaseline is not a very good explosive, its got the VoD of a low explosive and the and the inconvenience of needing another explosive to detonate it. if i were to blow up a car i would use a real high explosive, the easiest probably being ANFO, apart from the difficulty involved in detonating it.
i assume you mean wax preditor. the wax/vaseline etc is just a plasticiser and just holds the explosive in place while it takes teh shock of the cap. i guess wax + vaseline may work better.
just because it is a plasticised explosive doesnt mean its going to be incredibly powerful, despite what Hollywood tells you, if you already have KClO3 id just use it to make flash powder.

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