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how powerful is this

— Posted by unibonger on 1:55 am on April 6, 2002

how powerful is the potassium chlorate and petroleum stuff anyway. like what would certain pounds or ounces of it do ex. 1pound maybe blows up a car? if anyone orders from chemical distributors is the potassium chlorate powder good enough, meaning, is it all the same or is there different concentrations or something.

— Posted by paladinpress on 11:14 am on April 6, 2002

2:1 and you can set it off by hitting it with a hammer or hard impact it is not as sensetive as acetone peroxide but its up there.

— Posted by paladinpress on 11:18 am on April 6, 2002

As far as you’re “1pound maybe blows up a car? ”   I will help with chemistry questions But I will not hlp Dumbasses blow there dicks off of Fucking hurt other people cause they fell that no one loves them and so they must lash out at the world. You will get a lot farther if you reword you’re thing to not sound so out right vengful towards others.        J.

— Posted by unibonger on 10:08 pm on April 10, 2002

allright  the car thing was only to be an example just to find its power behind this stuff. but what would a one inch cube of this stuff do! i don’t want to actually blow up a car, but, be able to downsize the weight or amount to only do small little explosions for like the same effect of a cratermaker. and would the stuff bought at a

— Posted by unibonger on 10:13 pm on April 10, 2002

supply warehouse, reagant grade what does that mean, and lab grade, would these things matter.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 10:25 pm on April 10, 2002

Laboratory grade is likely the best. Next is reagent grade, then technical grade. This is based on purity. Correct me if I’m wrong.

— Posted by paladinpress on 10:39 pm on April 10, 2002

go to united nuclaer they are good on price I have not yet sent the money order so I can not swear they are legit but once you get it if you feel the need you can do fractional crystalzation and get it more pure but youy will those product…… It the same as making meth *(Though I sure no one here would/has ever do that *WINK*WINK*) the more pure you make it the less you have you just have to find a happy medium between, quaility and quantity it all up to you.


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