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How to make iodine crystals

— Posted by oxHighVoltagexo on 2:09 am on Mar. 12, 2002

Hey sorry to start a new topic but I wasnt sure how many of you would check back at my older post and see these directions…I found the info on a site and wasnt sure if any of you knew how to do it or had even bothered with it before…But anyway here it is…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There are many ways to obtain Iodine crystals.
it will depend of the purity you will need and if you
want to prepare the Iodine first and then proceed to
crystalize it. The Iodine is a substance that sublimes easily,that means
that once the crystals are formed
they will pass even at room temperature to gaseous
state quickly and directly without going into a liquid
state instead.So in order to keep your crystals you
will need an extra special care.
Ok, lets see an easy experiment supposing you want
to prepare the Iodine first:
You will need:
Bunsen burner and asbestos square (or a hot plate)
Tripod and tin lid
Beaker, 250 ml
Separating funnel 100ml
Evaporating dish

Hydrogen peroxide 20 volume
Tetrachloromethane or dichloromethane
Distilled water
1M solution of Sulphuric acid
Supply of ribbon seaweed(Laminaria) – that you can
obtain a a biological supply store or from the
sea shore

(You must work at a fume cupboard)
1-Collect and dry about a dozen 50cm lenghts of the
seaweed and heat them strongly on a tin recipient
until they are reduced to ash; probably it will
reduce a quite small quantity, about a spoonful.
2- Add to the ash   20 ml of distilled water
in a beaker, and heat the suspension until it boils.
3 – Filter the suspension
4 – Acidify the filtered with  Sulphuric acid solution
5 – Add then the hydrogen peroxide solution
    You will observe the formation of a brown color due
    the iodine liberation from the iodine ions present
6- Transfer the mixture to a separating funnel
7 -Extract the Iodine with tetrachloro methane or other
   solvent. The result is an organic solution of iodine.
8 – In order to obtain crystals , the solvent may be
    allowed to evaporate at room temperature, by
    placing it in an evaporating dish in a fume cupboard.
    It will result  crystals of iodine or rather gray-
    black brilliant flakes.

Or from what I gather get some liquid and let it evaporate LOL …Later guys…PEACE

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 2:43 am on Mar. 12, 2002

For once someone posted somthing that contributes to the site instead of just demanding to know how to make a bomb from household materials! 🙂
Nice work, were did you find this recipe?
Someone should try to see if it works, perhaps i might, perhaps…Oh and btw, sorry about editing the title of this thread but i think it’s better than “here ya go guys”, no offence of course.

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— Posted by Zambosan on 9:20 am on Mar. 12, 2002

(My 2 cents)
Sounds kosher; seaweeds, and other aquatic plants like kelp absorb iodine ions from seawater and concentrate it in the form of iodides, which is what this reaction reclaims as elemental iodine.  Interestingly enough, Iodine was first discovered in kelp, being studied by a French scientist named Curtois.  To this day, the mechanism by which kelps & seaweed store the iodine is unknown, as is why the need to biologically in the first place.  Great post!

You can also get kelp at vegetarian / health nut stores… ppl eat the crap.  Sushi rolls are also made with dried seaweed, but real, thick nasty kelp is the best source.

— Posted by oxHighVoltagexo on 10:44 am on Mar. 12, 2002

Hey no problem guys, I found it on some “Ask A Scientist ” web page..University of Chicago “Newton BBS” and it has some logo from the United States Department Od Energy on it….You can ask questions from 1991 up to 2001…Heres the link folks

No dont add an L to make the end of the link into HTML
It works without it for some reason..
Later guys….PEACE

— Posted by Zambosan on 11:16 am on Mar. 12, 2002

UNIX web servers use the .htm extension as standard practice, while NT boxes use .html.  Just another wonderful inconsistency in the world of computing. 🙂

— Posted by oxHighVoltagexo on 5:02 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

Ahhhh I see, im just a beginner in site creation…Kind of hard to keep up with and learn all the different things involved…Anyway I tried the evaoprating idea with the Iodine and its working..I took one small cup dumped in about an inch of Iodine and used an old brush to sorta paint the insides of the glass with it and most of the Iodine on the sides dried and left small brownish crystals.. So its working but at a slow rate…Also does anyone know if the LSD recipe on this site is any good?? ..Later guys… PEACE

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