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I need to know how to make a high explosive impact bomb

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 10:33 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

ive been wanting to know how to an impact bomb does anybody help

— Posted by preditor on 11:12 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

I can give you an un edited version of the terrorists handbook. there is vary good information there. if you want I will be glad to send it, post your E-mail if this interests you

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 11:35 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

It is Spitfire88ai@hotmail.com

— Posted by preditor on 11:53 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

reply to my messages if you want this information!

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 11:59 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

i swear that i am not at all involved in any law enforcement agency, or organization and that i am not and will not be discussing me with anyone who is

To preditor

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 12:00 am on Feb. 27, 2002

I keep sending are you getting?

— Posted by preditor on 12:03 am on Feb. 27, 2002

Sorry I have not been recieveing you messages, good, no cop

— Posted by preditor on 12:05 am on Feb. 27, 2002

still, I will give the sight URL and will not transfer, you can’t be to carefull

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 12:05 am on Feb. 27, 2002

cops actually do that ?

(Edited by Hergor at 5:07 pm on Mar. 23, 2002)

— Posted by preditor on 12:08 am on Feb. 27, 2002

yes they do. this information is banned and not leagle to my knowledge, I could be wrong but I don’t chance. law enforcement agents go to many extremes. go to the chat to get your URL

— Posted by Darkie on 4:06 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

damn pigs….Hey, my 2 cents? Don’t make impact expolsives. I recommend figureing out some kinda gernade thing, easier and safer to store. Some impact explosives have like a half life of a week before they become way to unstable from moisture in the air.

— Posted by LimitedPyro on 4:13 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

i wouldnt mind getting that terrorist handbook preditor… calvin10201@hotmail.com

— Posted by deathbringer511 on 4:54 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

i would like that terrorist handbook as well.  crazybrain66@hotmail.com

— Posted by ilovekayla on 9:03 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

depends on where you live… but i dont think its banned its strictly knowlede… i went into my job the other day with a copy of it and i work in the RI state house and no one gave a shit…

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:33 am on Feb. 28, 2002

This is a fairly interesting topic, but everyone is just rambling on about stuff thats illegal and the terrorist handbook :angry:
how about we get back to the topic!! and from now on you cant post your email and say “yeah i want a copy of that!” this forum isnt for idle chit chat!! use the PM program to msg each other to chat about obtaining manuals and other shit like that!!

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 1:20 am on Feb. 28, 2002

lotta good that is when half the ppl live in differnt countries with yup u guessed it, different time zones !!
get off it ,ura moderator so make a chat forum where u CAN have your so called”idle chit chat”  hmmpphh!!PM programe ha!!…………

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 2:53 am on Feb. 28, 2002

Your right they’re all at different time zones, but how do you suppose to make a “chat forum where u CAN have your so called”idle chit chat”” when indeed they’re all at diff time zones?
i meant the messenger program not the instant msg program that pops up when you click on the lil msn like icon under someones name when they’re online, the messenger program just sends a msg that sits in the inbox of the person you sent it too till they are online!

— Posted by Spitfire88ai on 12:35 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

what about a grenade then does anyone know how to make a pretty exploseve one?

— Posted by Zambosan on 12:43 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

ILK: Don’t count on that argument for long. The recording industry managed to get the DMCA passed to protect their corporate interests… now even just linking to a web page that contains information on how to circumvent copy-protection schemes can land you in jail. Or just speaking about it at a security conference or at a university… just ask Dmitry Skylarov. :angry:

(Edited by Zambosan at 12:46 pm on Feb. 28, 2002)

— Posted by ilovekayla on 9:05 am on Mar. 1, 2002


— Posted by preditor on 4:57 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

Milenko, that idel chit chat at the beginning between me and spitfire was brcause the messanger wasn’t working. I won’t send copies of info like that to newbies, I can’t trust ya, the URL is http://www.overthrow.com under books

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