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Mail Bomb

— Posted by Randini on 11:52 am on Mar. 1, 2002

I need some help on making a mail bomb that would explode paint or some other messy ubstance to teach some little fuck a lesson.

Sorry about posting this on the wrong section, yo. I had 2 or 3 windows open at the same time and I thought I was in the right section.

— Posted by Hergor on 12:19 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

you don’t wanna hurt ’em, right?

i think the only safe way doing that then involves some kind of CO2 or O2 sprayer…

don’t know right now how you could splatter the paint all over the place without releasing a dangerous projectile of frozen paint or anything that can penetrate his eyes. (that’s the difficult part. for the rest i’d say look at ‘paintball landmines‘. it’s the same principle just with the ‘tripwire’ attached to the package’s cover…)
                                 maybe you could fasten some kind of cap with holes on the CO2 cartridge to make the gas come out in several directions and with less force…

gotta think about that some further… 🙂

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 8:32 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

This topic is quite absurd, why not just solve this in a more grown up fashion? just beat the fucker down!!

— Posted by Hergor on 8:34 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

i think it’s quite interesting for a non-lethal and non-hurting bomb is hard to make, i think… 😉

— Posted by Randini on 11:35 am on Mar. 2, 2002

I won’t even respond the way that I want to. If I were to “disrespect” you some how, I am sure I would get deleted from here and that is just ridiculous. So, I will let the absurd “absurd” comment go.

In any case, thanks for the other esponse.

To clarify, you are unaware of the situation, so, claiming something is “absurd” is quite uncalled for.

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 11:42 am on Mar. 2, 2002

Yea TGM, this isn’t that bad of a post. Seems to me like an acceptable post.

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