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— Posted by NiGgAWiFfAtTiTuDe on 11:40 pm on April 3, 2002

how you make napalm?

— Posted by chemical rxn on 11:46 pm on April 3, 2002

gas and styrofoam    let it  sit for a while    at first it will be a white goo at the bottom and them after a day or two it’ll mix all together…    depending on what you want you can add other things to it.   however I don’t know how that all works. I know adding phosphorous makes it burn well underwater

— Posted by Rain on 11:50 pm on April 3, 2002

get some petrol but polystyrene in it (enuff to make it really thick) the polystyrene will melt then stik this gewwy shit in a jar put lid on,thro it at a wall,house,floor whateva n then accidently drop a match on it.
its warm ere dont u think? mwahahaha!

— Posted by Hephaestrus on 1:33 am on April 4, 2002

Two parts gasoline, one part nitrogenitals.

— Posted by DeadMan on 7:46 pm on April 4, 2002

1 part oil
2 part gasoline

This is my personal favorite.


— Posted by NiGgAWiFfAtTiTuDe on 7:59 pm on April 4, 2002

i know how to make it now… its quite easy actually… juss throw some gas in a bucket, keep addin styrofoam till all the gas is absorbed or used up and the styrofoam breaks down into a gooey white blob, and thas yer napalm… the stuff is very fun too, i lit some today… jeeeeessss it burns forever and slowly… verry cool, and good in bombs…

— Posted by davetheduck on 8:05 pm on April 4, 2002

2 part gasoline
1 part liquid soap

it will burn for ever!!!!!!

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:22 pm on April 4, 2002

I myself am looking for a napalm that is hard as fuck to put out. i need LIQUID FIRE.

I have been tinkerin around with some shit and nothing works

The styrofoam thingy works for its stikyness and has its own uses but i need something like a greasefire.  Water spreads it. I plan on using that on this guys raft jsut to piss him off. hell try to put it out but it jsut spreads to tha water.

— Posted by Sicopath on 11:08 pm on April 4, 2002

Have you read this guy’s other thread? He assumes napalm explodes, I think he needs some basic education.
There’s lotsa shit about napalm everywhere, so it’s pointless to post a thread here.

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