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pcse fragmentation bombs

— Posted by soulreaper666 on 3:56 am on April 8, 2002

potasium chlorate sulfur explosive is a touch sensative explosive (not like nitro, or rdx)that is cheap and easy to manufature in your home.first you go to your local pharmacy and buy potasium chlorate and sulfur(hence the name pcse:potasium chorate sulfur explosive). do not buy these on the same day, go at different times with a new casier or something. you first buy a pipe about the sise of your palm. you then need to put 7 parts potasium chlorate in the pipe then repeated by 1 part sulfur.do not get either on the threads because this substance ignites on two metal surfaces rubbing together.then buy a pack of bb’s, and fill it up a good bit(enough for them to move loosely). then screw on the top.then fumble the bomb threw your fingers very gently. now when you throw it, and you have to lob it so you dont jerk it in your hands, it will explode on what it hits throwing the bbs everywhere at mad high speed. dont be near it when it goes, or you will regret it. have fun and dont kill anyone.

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