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PETN explosive

— Posted by suicidebmber on 6:53 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

Does anyone know how you could make a booby trap with PETN?

— Posted by Hergor on 6:35 am on Mar. 26, 2002

so you got PETN? i don’t but maybe someone could tell me if this recipe from ‘anarchy’n explosives’ is safe/works:

” PREPARATION: Four hundred cc. of strong white nitric acid-prepared by
adding a little urea to fuming nitric acid, warming, and blowing dry air
through it until it is completely decolorized-is cooled in a 600 cc. beaker in
a freezing mixture of ice and salt. One hundred grams of pentaerythrite,
ground to pass a 50-mesh sieve, is added to the acid a little at a time with
efficient stirring while the temperature is kept below 5 degrees. After all
has been added, the stirring and the cooling are continued for 15 minutes. The
mixture is then drowned in about 4 liters of cracked ice and water. The crude
product, amounting to about 221 grams or 95% of the theory, is filtered off,
washed free from acid, digested for an hour with a liter of hot 0.5% sodium
carbonate solution, again filtered off and washed, dried, and finally
(recdata bstallized – ?) from acetone. A good commercial sample of PETN melts at 138.0-138.5 degrees. The pure material melts at 140.5-141.0 degrees, short prismatic needles, insoluble in water, difficultly soluble in alcohol and ether.”
(i’m not gonna make it but i’d like to know if it works…)

for the booby trap use tripwire and a blasting cap (electronic circuit for ignition).

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