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Pipe Bomb?

— Posted by Posideon on 12:01 am on April 11, 2002

This might sound kinda dumb to you advanced guys out there that have extensive knowledge about bombs and stuff but I just got into this stuff and I was wondering if someone could give me the basic layout of a pipe bomb. I have black powder from shotgun shells and the pvc pipe. Do I just fill the pipe 3/4 with powder and put a fuse in the middle? I appreciate the help

— Posted by paladinpress on 1:24 am on April 11, 2002

No never jump right into pipebomb making you will fuck up and get yourself hurt chew you teeth on small bobmb made from 35mm cans a Black Tape and such, you are close though for what you haveit is good to leave room for combustion make sure the fuse goes a good length down there and that you have a way to disguard the pipe if it fails to go off. Remeber one fuck up and this could happen this was caused by a pipebomb

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— Posted by IcedMetal on 4:34 am on April 11, 2002

Look unless you have a specific question dont ask generic questions such as HOW TO MAKE A PIPEBOMB because its all in the archives.

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