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Potassium Permanganate

— Posted by Zodiac69x on 10:24 am on Mar. 20, 2002

I found articles on bombs and it said that Potassium Permanganate is a very good thing to have in your posession for many different purposes. Does anyone know where I might aquire some? Preferably from household stuff but where ever it can be found is also appreciated. Thank you.

— Posted by mastamanny on 10:32 am on Mar. 20, 2002

it comes in tablets at certain tramping and camping stores.
Its used to clean infected water.
It should be pinky red.
Its Flamamamable.

— Posted by Zambosan on 11:38 am on Mar. 20, 2002

Potassium permanganate is *not* flammable.  It is an oxidizer.  It comes in solid form as deep purple crystals with a metallic luster.  It’s used in residential water filters for oxidizing ferrous iron to ferric oxide so that it precipitates and can be removed.  Look at your local hardware/home improvement store in the water filter section for iron remover recharge kits.  Pure KMn04.

— Posted by mastamanny on 10:21 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

Correction “noted” Zambosan.

— Posted by irish man on 1:20 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

i think u get it in a snke bit kit when u get it put a few drops of gasoline in a glass role it around so it is coated with it on the inside then put 2 or 3 drops of the stuff in and throw it and run when it explodes it is like a 1/2 stick of dyamite good luck with it let me no how u get on.

— Posted by irish man on 1:25 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

yep i just checked it is in a snake  bit kit??????

i heard its very good but be careful it does not blow when u put it in.
I hate orange men LOL

— Posted by Hergor on 1:29 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

well, KMnO4 is an oxidizer and does not burn on it’s own. also the mix with gasoline will not really explode just maybe if you call the shattering glass an explosion. it will burn better than normal gasoline maybe, because of the oxygen provided by the KMnO4 but it is certainly not ‘like a 1/2 stick of dyamite’…

— Posted by irish man on 1:35 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

well try and see well thats where u get it but it might work i dont no i just heard about it but it can be used for lots of things

— Posted by Zambosan on 1:50 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

The gasoline bottle thingy is from an old ANE text file from the late 80’s or so.  It’s full of crap, yet I’m constantly amazed how often it’s quoted as packing the punch of a “1/2 stick of dynamite”.  The snakebite kits contain KMnO4 as a tincture in acetone.

— Posted by pyroman on 9:38 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

this stuff is great for making flash powder i use it all the time with metal powder it isn’t that sensitive and it doesn’t spontaneously ignite I never hade a accident. It will burn with like any kind of fuel(sugar, sulfur, charcoal ect…) I made a simple little rocket engine with the pot perm / sugar mix. and the flash powder is like the best in the world super easy and very powerful. i put like 2 grams between two rocks and lit it the rocks were shatered and it sounded like a 50 cal. going off in your ear. by the way my dad is a plumber so He has like 20 bottles of it.

— Posted by Zodiac69x on 6:59 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

Thank you for your help people. I will try all of those. Where is it at in a snake bite kit? Keep the replies coming its very helpful.

— Posted by irish man on 7:07 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

yeah i think u can just buy a snake bit kit.
And will some1 answer the fucking question on the phone melt down please

— Posted by Nacrunin on 2:08 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

I have some potassium permangenate that i found lying around the house in a cupboard, it can be used to clean stuff. I also had some potassium sodium tartrate (looks like sugar) from a chemistry set and I accidently mixed these two chemicals together when trying to make a fuse. I had put them into water in a plastic bottle. The consequences were funny, the water started to boil and the chemicals turned to some brown gunk and then the cap of the pot.perm. started to shoot loads of hot crap everywhere and afterwards my hands were stained brown for about a week. It looked like I had shat on my hands.
To start this reaction off all you have to do is mix the chemicals together evenly and put a drop of water on it then wait. After a bit they will just start to oxidize and give off some gas (nitrogen I would think) and create quite a lot of heat and the by-product is some brown/black solid crap. You might be able to just mix them together and wait without using water, using a lighter to heat it speeds up the reaction a lot. Watch out cuz this shit stains your skin for ages (or somebody elses)
Anywayz there’s some funny stuff for you to try.
Someone say if there’s anything useful this can be used for (time delay or something).

— Posted by Yellowhedgehog on 2:22 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

R u bitches sure that snake bite kit has the shit? Can you use it purely or has it got some other shit mixed in it? (forget about the bitch thing…. i just felt like saying that d;> )

— Posted by Yellowhedgehog on 2:37 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

I found out that Snake Bite Kit Fluid has the shit.
but i would like to now if its pure? And please, people! tell more things to do with that shit. So can you use the sugar&potassium permanganate as a blackpowder? like blowing a CO2 catridge?
ANSWER YOU FUCKING FUCKS!!!!!!!!!! (forget the fucking fucks part…. i just felt like saying that d;> )

— Posted by irish man on 2:45 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

well when i heard about it, it just sayed put 2 or 3 drops of gasoline and then 2 or 3 drops of the stuff it didnt say u have to do shit with it plus put a coat on the inside of the glass with the gasoline role it around then put the shit in and throw it at a wall. let me no how u get on.
Up the freedom fighters
Burn the orange order

— Posted by mimi on 2:12 am on Mar. 24, 2002

I have got pot.perm from my local chemists many a time and they just asked what it was for and i said for water purifacation i don’t know if your chemists would do it though.

— Posted by Yellowhedgehog on 4:10 am on Mar. 24, 2002

In my country, snake bite kit contains 3 tablets. They contain hydrocortisone. So its BULLSHIT!

— Posted by Hergor on 5:06 am on Mar. 24, 2002

it’s no bullshit but the ammount of KMnO4 might be little or substituted by another chem.
but the purpose of potassium permanganate in medicine is to function as an antiseptic.

— Posted by Yellowhedgehog on 5:08 am on Mar. 24, 2002

is there any other stuff like Potassium Permanganate?
i cant get the shit from a snake bite kit…  is there any other sources? i liked the fact that it can be used with sugar to make fast burning shit.

— Posted by Yellowhedgehog on 5:14 am on Mar. 24, 2002

so, if the KMnO4 is substituted by another chem. The substitute chem is much like KMnO4? So the substitute shit can be used as KMnO4? (correct me if im wrong)

— Posted by Hergor on 8:15 am on Mar. 24, 2002

the substitute can be used like KMnO4…IN A SNAKEBYTE-KIT. it is not KMnO4 and thus has not the same properties when used for other things. i don’t think this would work, sorry.

in your case i recommend asking at a pharmacy (like mimi said it’s used for water purification).
or you can try to make KMnO4 out of a solution of potassium manganate (K2MnO4 – some batteries contain it) and CO2. therefore you must boil the solution and then run the CO2 through it. after this, cool it in a fridge. maybe this will work, i don’t know…

— Posted by Zambosan on 1:10 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

Even if you do get a kit with the correct tincture in it, we’re only talking traces of permanganate.  Try the other source first.

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