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powder from bullets?

— Posted by peace on 4:03 am on Mar. 24, 2002

I happen to have a few bullets lying around and i dont relly want to kill myself experimenting with getting inside them or even knowing if they have black powder in them so i need some help, anyone? :confused:

— Posted by Hergor on 4:55 am on Mar. 24, 2002

if you have bullets use them as bullets. build a zip gun or convert a blank gun into one. i wouldn’t open bullets, only shotshells. the ammount of propellant in bullets is so small that you’d need many of those to do anything.

if you want to do it anyway, maybe you should insert a bullet in a lathe with two rotating heads and move those apart. DON’T start the machine! (the friction will most likely set the bullet off)

and bullets usually contain nitrocellulose, not bp…

— Posted by mastamanny on 8:25 am on Mar. 24, 2002

i bet he kills himself with” experimenting with getting inside “them…
dont prod , push , pressure , poke , peel or  pick at the primer.

— Posted by balor on 12:54 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

As Hergor said its Nitrocellulose in bullets not BP.If its a rifle/pistol round yank the round off with a pliers, if its a shotgun shell open the crimp or slice the round with a knife at the base of the wad.The powder isnt going to explode,its the primer you have to work.

— Posted by DarkDragon4561 on 8:14 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

getting inside any caliber, ie. .22, .223, .25, .38, 38.S, 9mm, .44, .45, etc…is a piece of cake. Just take a pair of pliers and hold the shell from turning with one, and gently pull and twist with the other plier.

As everyone else has said, it’s not gunpowder, but it’s alright for quick EZ access to explosive material.

— Posted by OoxHighVoltagexoO on 12:15 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

Just be very careful with rim fire cartridges…Pliers CAN set those off…Once again sorry for picking up ona old post…

— Posted by peace on 12:14 am on Mar. 28, 2002

what is a zip gun, i couldent find anything in the “weapons” archives

— Posted by OoxHighVoltagexoO on 11:17 am on Mar. 28, 2002

A zip gun? No idea, I never heard of it..Maybe I did and its just called something else to me…Whats it do?

— Posted by balor on 4:50 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Zip guns, pen guns- they are all basically the same.Check the weapons forum and I have posted a link in homemade 12 gauge to a website that explains all about homemade guns.Zipguns are there somewhere.

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