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School the one stop shop

— Posted by paladinpress on 6:34 am on April 8, 2002

things to join

Swimming ~ They keep the Pool chemicals locked and some one on swim team or Lifeguard training would have better access to all to chloine needs, also h202 water shock*If your scholl uses it*

What ever they call the GreenHouse club at your school~ Firtilzer *Ammonium nitrate* looking right at yhea just tell them you want to borrow a pound or too to try your own garden at home

Science Club~ This was the best move I had evermade I went applied for the Secratary postion and wa post in charge *Slight request by me* to inventroy and stock the store room **Oh who I miss school**

Physics Club~ It helps, gives you the abilty to say you are studying the effsts of shock wave through diff trypes of ground soil and shit like that

Ass kiss Science/orPhysics teacher Club~ Chapstick up those lips cause he/she -*In my case* will become you best ally to getting what you need, I talked Jen into letting my purchase on the school accounts for what I called home expriments I wold make up some BS story about what I wa studying that week then I would write some paper turn it in to her and get Extra credit *It’s a double whammy*

autohop~ Gas, Welding torch Gases. also give you acess to piping for mufflers that can be converted to Anything* also hell get your car workes on and get credit for it. Also I would take home all the dead batterys and till them I would try and save them—sh I would take and recalim and Acid out of them I could.

well that is what got me through 11th-12th grade.

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— Posted by IcedMetal on 6:50 am on April 8, 2002

LOL I can’t agree more wit ya buddy.

P.S.- I kinda regret setting fire to the science club, I must have destroyed alot of potentially useful chemicals.  I didn’t get caught incase some are wondering.

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— Posted by clichit on 5:51 pm on April 9, 2002

Yeah, at my school in the science classes they have propane valves built in the lab areas. You just turn the handle and run. Somebody turns on the lights and there’s a hole the size of a truck in the wall.

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