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Since I Was Overlooked

— Posted by OoxHighVoltagexoO on 4:34 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

Okay little help here …I have a couple things found in the basement..

Trifluralin = 1.47%
Other Ingredients = 98.53 %

2~~Ortho..Ultra Diazinon
Diazinon = 22.4%
Other Ingredients = 77.6%

3~~Sun..Dry Acid pool PH lowering agent
Sodium Bisulfate = 92%
Inert Ingredients = 8%

can I do ANYTHING with ANY of this crap??? and if so can you give me a simple step by step process for it…Thanks a million…PEACE

Sorry about the repost and a new thread for a question ive already asked but NO ONE was answering me and I was overlooked….PEACE

— Posted by Egg411 on 5:59 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

you could eat them and become a diabetic overnight

— Posted by Zero the Inestimable on 9:17 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

The sodium bisulfate may be good for something. The others are useless. I’ve have to check up on that.

~Zero the Inestimable

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