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Tried and true way to make C-4

— Posted by paladinpress on 7:43 am on April 7, 2002

1-cup Amonium Nitrate prill cleaned and ground, mixed with nitromethane in the following portions

430 grams Ammonium Nitrate
80 milliliters NitroMethane
20 grams Aluminum powder*

This is detonenated with 1/2- 1oz ap charge
NirtoMethane can be purchased form chemical supplyhouses or some times at race tracks, funny cars burn nitromethane
===Ammonium Nitrate================
It can be purchased from Chemical supplyhouse’s for about around 1 dallor perpound or
Ammonium Nitrate can be purchased as common Garden Firtelizer for around 10 bucks per 50 pounds**
====Powdered Aluminum=====================
Powdered Aluminum can be purchased as Radiator Stop-Leak at auto supplyhouses
The Ammonium Nitrate will be in the form of prill small round balls coverd in a brwon substance, Denatured Alchol is used to wash the brown K-lite coating from the raw Ammonium Nitrate Prill use will notice the alcohol turn brown, I recomend using a cottage chesse container that has be cleaned, wash the prill wash teh prill twice or untill it stops turing brown. Next take the cleaned Ammonium Nitrate Prill and place it in a wok to fry it and remove the last of the alcohol you can use you oven but the Tempature can/should not be aloud to go beyond 150`F or apox 50`C you will notice that some prill retain its K-lite coating this will not effect the end explosive. The baldes of a small house coffe grinder are the best for grinding the cleaned Ammonium Nitrate Prill*** to a FINE powder


Now in the Containgoing to be used to hold to charge for detonation pour in the same as above

430 grams Ammonium Nitrate
80 milliliters NitroMethane
20 grams Aluminum powder*,

Allow 2min-3min for it to compelety soak trough
Prime with a 1/2-1oz AP charge to Detonate
you can experiment with diffrent Detonators if you like

*= Aluminoum Powder is not nessicary for detonation It just help raise the Det Vol.

**= but when purchaseing make sure the total Nitrogen content is 34%

***=about that of face powder more or less.  

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— Posted by paladinpress on 7:45 am on April 7, 2002

There my fucking hands hurt, that shit is tried and true with oiut a det cap you can(things I have done) throw it arross a gully , shot it with a .22 .30-06 “watched it get shot with a m16) or .308 shit you can throw it in [A fire in theory I have nefver done that}   blow holes and to just abnout anything

— Posted by paladinpress on 7:51 am on April 7, 2002

Useing a monroe shape chagre you can penatrate 3/4 ich think steel… now no one can say I have not contributed to this site and I can now ripp those little fucking posers with there fagasspacker cookbook post and gas bomb’s

I know I speel for shit I tyoe fast and do not care if you have a brain you can get the gest of what i’m saying if you dont ask and I will explaine it better , I have other tried and true recipes that I will post over time but I hope tio get more specific for poele as to where to find the differnt stuff so as not to list onr singlr location on manifastaion of it…    please reply to what you dream of when using this method…… but do not come up ahre ands act like this is the fomlua you mother gave you in your bottel and you have been using it senice you learned to pisss{SORRY POSSERS AND THER BS STORIES ARE STARING TO GET TO ME}

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— Posted by Joshbdaman on 10:26 am on April 7, 2002

You can also get NitroMethane at some hobby shops. They come in 2-3L. It’s also used for Rc Helicopters, Airplane, and Gaspowered car.

— Posted by paladinpress on 10:33 am on April 7, 2002

I fly a .49 Piper Super Cub, and some low wing .61 thati’m running Cox .91 on and the Highest I hace found local is 75%….. remeber though most engines are designed to run on 14-20% oil content. This variation is dependant on engine and application, but most sport users should not go below 16% because of increased engine wear and temperature which will shorten the life of the engine. Above all, your oil content should be sufficient to maintain a 200-215 degree temperature so most places wont even carry 75%


BYR3130033 BYRON 20% R/C RACE FUEL 18.50
BYR3130034 BYRON 30% R/C RACE FUEL 20.50
BYR3130041 BYRON 25% R/C RACE FUEL 19.50

I Cant realy say I see loacal anymore cause Rambo’s Hobby shop on 15th closed almost running allmost four years but look in the back of “R/C Modeler” “R/C Flyer” and “R/C Nitro? I think thats the Name It allways has nirto cars on the cover”
Hers another place that sells nitro fuel for R/C http://www.ceipro.com/problend/perfuel.htm

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— Posted by paladinpress on 10:50 am on April 7, 2002

I htink I may have found A site for you

PG 250 NITRO USA 100% 1Lt 33.00

Here is another
This product is 94.5 – 99.5 per cent raw nitromethane. Residual percentage is nitroethane and nitro-propane mixed

One more just so you see I’m a nice guy

Wildcat uses a proprietary Nitromethane which is the highest quality of Nitro available with a purity rating of greater than 99.95%. This is the HIGHEST purity rating in the industry with the lowest acidity and water content!
visitorand just in case you are too lazy to visit their site *which did not list the price eh* here is ther number

Wildcat Fuels, Inc.
206 Stephens Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Phone:    (859) 885-5619
Fax:        (859) 885-8549
Orders Only: (888) 815-7575

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— Posted by Egg411 on 11:21 am on April 7, 2002

i saw how to make that on the discovery channel once.  they fill tank trucks with it and dump it in the ground for strip mining.  

— Posted by Pyr0Maniac on 12:06 pm on April 7, 2002

mmm strip mining mmm bombs mmm pyros

— Posted by Joshbdaman on 12:38 pm on April 7, 2002

Pyroball…….. NitroMethane…….. I’ll give some one $20 to throw a Pyroball at one of them trucks and get it on video and mail it to me 🙂  That’d be awsome!

— Posted by paladinpress on 1:25 pm on April 7, 2002

I have Video of a truck blowing up satationwagon Big grabage container all with Improvised C-4 and then some photo’s of Unknown Explosives Blasting through bedrock

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