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Anarchy in your neighborhood

— Posted by MechanicalReaper on 7:14 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

nuke signs with your potato gun.

line up cardboard boxes across the street.

put apoxy in neighbors car locks

deflate  neighbors car tires

put roadkill on neighbors porches

kill their animals and lay them on their front lawn

throw shit in a shovel on their cars

any more suggestions would be nice cuz i hate my neighborhood 😀

— Posted by brainwave on 7:31 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

put dog shit in a bag, light it on fire and ring the doorbell.
look on the net for a bunch of differnt thing, leave their phone number and bunch of people will be calling them nonstop. egg their house, anything just use your head.
latter dude:)

— Posted by MechanicalReaper on 7:38 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

thats pretty old but if you wanna make it better go to type in puppy poop on a search engine and you can pay the site to deliver shit to their front door with a buisness card 🙂

— Posted by preditor on 11:02 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

spend an hour a day up in a tree with a paintball gun, (a different tree each day) and let anyone who walks or drives by have it.

— Posted by vigilante on 1:24 am on Mar. 14, 2002

Get herbacide that kills grass and write a variety of words on thier lawns eg, ” i rape goats” or something

— Posted by vigilante on 1:26 am on Mar. 14, 2002

you could also make your own speedhumps with sandbags

— Posted by MechanicalReaper on 4:02 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

i think i’ll do the paintball 1 cuz i’ve got a sweet angel

— Posted by 50cal addict on 10:03 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

you have an angel, my ass! hell, if you’re gonna vandalize shit, go all the way. burn some houses, kill people. go all out.

(Edited by 50cal addict at 10:04 pm on Mar. 14, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:55 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

Well.. uh maybe when u got nothin to loose.
Anyways.. here are some ideas

Throw smoke bombs into open windows (really pisses people off!)

Throw stink bombs in open windows. Car windows too.

Blow up mailboxes.

Steal mail

Hit Mailboxes with baseball bats

Set fire to houses.

Rape neighbors dog and leave the condom in the poor fuckers ass so the neighbor knows it was raped! (sick)

Tie a fishing line string across the road or sidewalk ( so people won’t see the string.) watch for awhile. People jogging will get clotheslined. Bicylers will be ‘dismounted’.

Rodeo and hog tie neighborhood pets.

Tape disturbing pictures to peoples doors for example: Murder victims, Animal molestation, child porn, disfigured sex, ect.

Throw rocks thru windows

Throw bombs thru windows

Throw FAKE bombs thru windows. (causes a REAL panic) bombsquad ect. Funny as hell when they find it’s a fake tho. lol.

Um… put a weed plant in someones backyard then cALL THE cops on them..pick the leaves first…lol.

Thats all for now. Have fun.
Peace 🙂

— Posted by wardriguez on 6:07 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

i say you break in to store schools homes, wherever, its still ll fun. you can steal shit and make a profit out of it, plus you can break all the shit in their house that you want. spray paint is the funnest i think, you can write shit on anything you want. pets are fun to write in with your paint. but don’t sign your name…thats just suicide.

— Posted by brainwave on 6:36 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

take 3 packs of fire crackers twist them together put the fusses through a cig tape them to a house lite the cig and then leave:cool:  hehehehehe

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