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— Posted by mrcskater69 on 11:01 pm on Nov. 30, 2001

Me and my friens went to Blockbuster and took games but the alarm did not go off?  we did not take them out of the box either?  Why I ahve heard the alarm go off?  Does anyone know how to open the box without anyone knowing?

— Posted by wizeass on 3:23 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

what exactly is the question?

— Posted by Cypher on 8:49 pm on Dec. 2, 2001


whats with all the ‘?’

im with wizeass..wtf

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 9:58 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

Wait i think i get it he’s saying that he has stolen games without taking off the box but he has heard the alarm go off b4 with other ppl so he wants to know how to take the box off without ppl noticing, well i guess a screwdriver wouldnt go astray i’ve also heard of using really big magnets to fry the chips so they dont alert the alarm

— Posted by wizeass on 10:06 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

Now I understand, thanks to milenko, I guess witha screwdriver and enough force you could rip it off

— Posted by death the horned god on 8:43 pm on Dec. 4, 2001

dont most places usually just have a sticker of some sort that sets off the alarm ? my local k-mart works like that, all the items have a sticker on itthat will set off the alarm if its not scanned or something, i just usually remove the the sticker and take the goods.

— Posted by preditor on 10:58 am on Dec. 7, 2001

You can usaully hold the box on your side while you pass the alarm gate and pass it around the outside of the gate if no one is looking

— Posted by firestorm on 6:04 pm on Dec. 15, 2001

at the blockbuster i go to they keep the games out of the box untill you check them out and then they put the game in. but you can steal movies.

— Posted by death the horned god on 8:36 pm on Dec. 17, 2001

in fight club, in that one sene when theyre in the video store and theyre scanning the boxes with some sort of machine, what exactly are they doing ?

— Posted by DogMan on 7:20 pm on Dec. 21, 2001

it’s a lot more simpil. Go to your wal-mart photo senter and get a film bag that dose not let the scaners in air ports to mes up your film and stick the game in it.
Hell steel every thing with it. I do and it works!!

— Posted by kent82 on 2:21 am on Dec. 22, 2001

Since there are no wal-marts in nz (that i know of anyhow) where else could i aquire these ‘film bags’ that you mentioned DogMan?

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 2:52 am on Dec. 22, 2001

dude try k-mart or any photo / supermarket .lets all remember wal-mart is aus/nz version of kmart or bbc hardware

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:23 pm on Dec. 25, 2001

Quote: from death the horned god on 6:36 am on Dec. 18, 2001
in fight club, in that one sene when theyre in the video store and theyre scanning the boxes with some sort of machine, what exactly are they doing ?

thats a lil different, what they’re doing is frying the videos with an electro-magnet so that they are totally wiped and useless, this is possible to do if you had an electro magnet (may prove hard to find)

— Posted by maximilian on 7:08 pm on Jan. 26, 2002

just plant the alarmstrip on some un suspecting guy. when he goes out and the alarm goes off you go out in the confusion.

(if it was that easy to get the alarm strip off why would mrcskater69 be asking?! And why would’nt you just dump it in the store somewhere and then walk out with the game in your jacket? And more than likely they would stop you if you walked out the exact same moment that somone else set the alarm off! wouldnt it seem a bit suss?)

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— Posted by largeidaccam on 6:16 am on Jan. 27, 2002

lol good idea 🙂 jsu tthought about it tho an were i live there are cameras in like every video store so u might want to watch out for that

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— Posted by aSs BacKWuRds on 2:53 pm on Jan. 27, 2002

how much r bags

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— Posted by DogMan on 6:10 pm on Jan. 27, 2002

not much i got mine for $3 USD

— Posted by maximilian on 4:05 pm on Jan. 28, 2002

blockbuster employee’s are broke ass hell and probably steal from work also. so do you really think you are gonna chase you down in the parking lot? go to another town and do it.

— Posted by Xi JuStiN iX on 9:05 pm on Feb. 9, 2002

wow i really gotta get one of these pic bags lol

— Posted by Systemadic on 5:32 pm on Feb. 13, 2002

What the kids at my nieghborhood Blockbuster have been doing is this. Kid one grabs the games and does his best to make it to the front counter with out being noticed, the counter off to the side by the exit door not the large one in the middle of the floor. Then kid two walks past the alarm and faces the counter while kid one stays on the safe side of the detector and passes the games to kid two behind the alarm while talking to the clerk. Not bad for 10 or 11 year olds.

— Posted by Darkie on 8:39 pm on Feb. 18, 2002

The magnet trick won’t work, HERE IS HOW THOSE DAMN ALARMS WORK:

The bars by the door emit an FM radio signal. The stickers or what ever in the product are pieces of metal shaped in such a way that they manipulate the radiowaves. When the bars detect the changed waves the alarm goes off.

hehe, just unplug the bars. easy as pe, when u walk by yank the cord out with ur foot, easy when it’s busy. Or cut the cord while tieing ur shoe.

Stealing games is easy, the challenge is getting the bars out without them noticing.


Rock on

— Posted by horrorpunk138 on 4:56 am on Feb. 21, 2002

ok guys, I’ve admired this site and it’s usefulness for quite some time.  here’s my two cent’s worth.  when you go to lift somthing from a major store, i.e. walmart, and you’re not sure if the alarm is going to go off or not, walk out with someone carrying bags.  It is the policy of almost EVERY large store to stop the person carrying the bags, just make sure once you’re out… you fucking kick rocks… cause they WILL chase you down, hopefully, if they have enough bags to get checked, you’ll be gone by the time they are done.

— Posted by thejesrseydevil on 12:11 am on Mar. 9, 2002

hey dogman are yu 110% sure that the special lead lined bag (or what ever the hell its lined with) will work? im willing to try it but only if i have confirmation/reasureance from yu.

— Posted by FileShocker on 3:28 am on Mar. 9, 2002


— Posted by sanensober on 11:48 am on Mar. 9, 2002

At the risk of being branded a killjoy, if you can,t afford it
you either don’t need it or you need a “JOB”. When you shoplift we ALL PAY. I don’t apologize for my opinions,
because thats what they are ,     MINE

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 2:22 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

He’s righit, shoplifting is what 13 year-old girls do. If your going to do something bad, at least make it worthwhile, shoplifting is just annyoing and inconvienencing.

Unless you work there…


— Posted by pyronigga on 6:14 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

If u want to steal a game…i did this once……you rent a game that u like and the nput a different game in the box and keep the game from the store

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 3:13 am on Mar. 10, 2002

my buddys family owns a movie store and he said if you got the game in your sleeve and walk past the gate swinging your arm…it wont go off if the game passes it fast enough…i dont recommend you try it because im not 100% sure

— Posted by butthead on 11:23 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

yo, this isint rocket science. you dont need special bags, chips or jackshit. just use common scence. geta friend or some1 u trust and just fuck around…throw the game over the whole security thing (litteraly wing it) and catch it like its a baseball. or when ur friend is walking out, wing it @ him. just do a dumbass thing 2 get it past those 2 wall things and ur free! they aint gonna do much 2 ya if ur cought n e way…OOps MY misTake

— Posted by loscgk83 on 11:30 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

if the games in the box , take it out then steal it
if it has a lock or somethin on it,don’t cut or break the little lock go aroung it.Cut around the other side pull it open wide take out the game and walk away.

P.S. why fuck with a lock when u can go around it

— Posted by Cerebral Rapist on 8:12 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

Hell, my cousin rented 3 X-Box games for $15 from Hollywood Video back in December and kept them ever since.

— Posted by loscgk83 on 12:46 am on Mar. 17, 2002

now that i think about it, it be easier to steal from a store that sells game maybe because were im at they lock up the games and leave the case on the shelves.

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