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Building crash

— Posted by TNP on 11:47 pm on Nov. 14, 2001

if a gasoline truck that goes to 100 Km/h crash into a building of 20 floors, could destroy it ?

— Posted by Cypher on 2:48 am on Nov. 15, 2001

oh dear god wtf u trying to pull?!!?

bank piss u off?

— Posted by largeidaccam on 3:25 am on Nov. 15, 2001

lol thats heaps funny , an yes it probly would destroy it

— Posted by SykoNinja on 5:39 am on Nov. 15, 2001

wat the fuck?!?!

r u with osama bin-laden or sumthin?

— Posted by FancyPants on 6:09 am on Nov. 16, 2001

lol, may i ask as to why you are inquiring about this???

— Posted by Cypher on 7:02 pm on Nov. 16, 2001

ya know i was thinking about this,

i  think i would destroy the building (depending on how rigid it is) or cause extreme damage..either way you could say it would totally fuck it up.

But it would certainly take out a fair chunk of it.

— Posted by GR3MLIN on 8:51 pm on Nov. 18, 2001

depend on if the thing xploded or not.!!


— Posted by Sicopath on 1:14 am on Nov. 25, 2001

most gasoline tankers are built to not explode (not immediately anyways).
If you don’t want firefighters to put the shit out, put a lit cigarette in the place between the cabin and the fuel tank, or have someone else drive another car into the back of it if the thing doesn’t go off immediately.

The first solution is just theory, the second will work, but it would cost another car.

— Posted by saurontheevil on 4:23 pm on Nov. 26, 2001

strap a bomb to it with a realy long ass wick

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 11:53 pm on Nov. 27, 2001

haha! yeah you’d want it to be a long ass wick!
im not sure if your gonna plan to be in the tuck when this happens or what tnp but if your thinking of commiting suicide just make a whole lot of c4 and have it in a realy big bag and a car battery in another and hook them up to a switch then just walk into the building and flick the switch =/ but of course i’m not sure if your planning to end your life over ths shit

— Posted by ladieluver on 11:59 pm on Nov. 27, 2001

why and the fuck are you giving him ideas??? thats fuckin crazy man shit! in no way do i support this question but yes i think it would blow it up if it exploded and if you actually do this i officially had nothing to do with the help or solicitaion of advise what so ever

— Posted by Cypher on 9:04 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

Maybe i will see this shit on the 6 o’clock news..

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 10:13 pm on Dec. 2, 2001

Oh wait a better idea has come to me 🙂
make a ton of gelatin explosives from antifreeze (look in another thread for the recipe) this stuff is shock sensitive so about 1-2 litres in bottles taped to the front of the truck or between the cab and the tank would be more than enough to blast the phuck out of the tank, i also dont condone doing any of this but if its directed at a bank maybe i do =)

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 5:05 am on Dec. 6, 2001

well ill be  farked..i think its kinda funny if some dick wants to blow himself up ..its not as if hes gonna drive it remote controll into a building..actually …interesting lmao…personally id rather use a big ass lpg tanker;)

— Posted by firestyle on 11:53 pm on Dec. 18, 2001

can you please tell me where you are going to get a PETROL TANKER, i wouldn’t mind one.

— Posted by BigSal on 5:15 pm on Jan. 12, 2002

Most tankers are stick shift….rather annoying to drive and such….Specially the ones with 18 gears…

— Posted by Justeu on 6:16 pm on Jan. 22, 2002

no ! if gasoline  is not ignated, it won’t be any explosion;
and if will be ignated the explosion is not strong enought to destroy a 20 floors building except in case of little errors of design; if you wanna pull down a building try to use instead of gasoline some fertilizer (chemicals for crops)

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:59 am on Jan. 23, 2002

Yeah you could just pull what the oklahoma bomber did, just get a truck full of ammonium nitrate fertilzer and douse the fucker in tonz of petrol/gasoline and crash it into the door of the building and light that shit, that’d definetly blow the fucker up, but of course i in no way support blowing up a building and killing ppl who dont deserve to die…

(Edited by The Great Milenko at 11:02 am on Jan. 23, 2002)

— Posted by brainwave on 11:55 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

hey tnp why dont you stick an m-80 up your ass and lite it, i cant believe this topic.

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