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Car theft in Nz

— Posted by wampa stompa on 9:09 am on Jan. 14, 2002

I, an experienced car theif from the us. Recently I’ve moved to New Zealand for personal reasons and I’m looking for an exporter who will be interested in employing me to provide more “exotic” cars (having noticed the amount of quality cars on the streets of ricer Auckland). Does anyone know who of exporters who what cars?

— Posted by Aussiepride on 9:36 am on Jan. 15, 2002

I know plenty of customers in Sydney. But with the shiping costs i dont know if it would really be worth it. What cars are you talking abtou anyway?

— Posted by killabyte on 4:58 am on Jan. 16, 2002

im from syd 🙂   mmmmm gett me a lotus or new porsche..

— Posted by Arsenist on 7:36 pm on Jan. 25, 2002

Hey wampa stompa I’m wondering if u could help me out. Me and my friend are wanting to get into stealing cars and stealing things from inside the car and we need something to unlock the door on the car. Is there any kind of tool that we could buy or make to unlock the door of the car besides something messy like a crobar?

— Posted by wampa stompa on 10:31 pm on Feb. 3, 2002

Um, I wrote some stuff about AFMs (alarm frequency modulators) in “electronic devices>breaking into cars” see if that helps

— Posted by wampa stompa on 10:35 pm on Feb. 3, 2002

Aussiepride, your right, the shipping isn’t worth it, normally its the guys i sell the cars to who deal with shipping. and I deal with exotics, we’re talking euro sports cars (ferrai lotus etc).

Um killerbyte, I’m really only interested in working for mass stolen godds exporters, not “civilians” like you. But…. for a price, I’m sure we could arrange something.

— Posted by comewyththewykidness on 11:15 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

hey why dont u jus walk into the police station and ask them if they wanna buy a stolen car w/ the msg u jus posted…u jus set yourself up!! dont take ANY OFFERZ U GET OFF THIS WEBPAGE U COULD BE LOOKIN AT A SETUP MY FRIENd!

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