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CC Fraud

— Posted by Xi JuStiN iX on 9:33 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

hey could some1 help me out, i jus have a cc number, name, and exp date do u need to kno the persons address cuz i was jus at a site tryin to order and it said error processing, it didnt give a reaosn but i think it was from not havin the right billing address. is there any way around this to make the order go through? i had jus used the shipping address for the billin adr. and also wat do u guys think the best shipping choice is? is it true that ur likely to get caught using next day? y is that thanxXx

— Posted by bigboom on 12:33 am on Feb. 23, 2002

billing dill no ideas as for shipping just get a fake mailbox under an alias

— Posted by Xi JuStiN iX on 12:36 am on Feb. 23, 2002

yea i got the address where i ship it to but it wont accept any billin addresses 🙁

— Posted by bigboom on 1:03 am on Feb. 23, 2002

the owner might of cancelled the card so even if the adress was good it wouldn’t matter

— Posted by Xi JuStiN iX on 9:31 pm on Feb. 23, 2002

nope, im positive the card is still active

— Posted by Navy Soldier on 11:15 am on Feb. 24, 2002

HAHA You can’t really be 100% positive with those unless you’ve just stolen the card. 😉

— Posted by dedehouston on 11:48 pm on Mar. 3, 2002

Maybe the card you stole is maxxed out.

Also – Someone stole my credit card number one time. Used it for on-line-porn crap. (Boy was i pissed) Just SO that you know… They were busted… quick. “How?” you ask? Well whenever you order something on-line it logs your ip address… and they can find you. They can track your computer and its location down REALLY easy and fast. It is considered a federal crime, and you will be in big doo-doo, just like the little fuck who stole my credit card… i sure hope it was worth it all to him just to bust-a-nut looking at naked chiks onna compter screen. fucker…

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