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— Posted by con man on 2:32 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

I heard of this site that tells you the exams that havent came out or somthing like that but does any one know the address to these sites

— Posted by scott587 on 6:42 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

i have also heard of these sites but have never got the address but if you go to a search engine and type in exams or buy exams you can find websites that you ca pay peope to writ you a custom report or to use there all ready made ones

— Posted by Darkie on 7:14 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

Yea, but those sites  are fugin expensive. I use http://www.planetpapers.com when i need something. They are free and have the best selection for being free.

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